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    5 1/2 week old chicks sleeping in nesting box

    When I got my first chicks last spring I read somewhere to put empty milk jugs in the nesting boxes at night to keep them out. That way they learn they're not for sleeping. My boxes have tops so I'm not sure that would work with your boxes. They might just sleep on top of the milk jugs. Also...
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    Terrorized by roosters! HELP!

    I've had chickens for just over a year. When I got my first chicks at the feed store there was one roo in the batch. He's gotten meaner by the day. I also don't have confidence problems. The day he jumped from the nesting boxes onto my head and started doing a crazy dance I cornered him and...
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    Help with broodie hens

    This is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing it right :-) I have at least 3 cochins that are broodie and have been for awhile. One batch was due to hatch two weekends ago and I found two dead babies mostly in the shell under one of the hens. But she was still sitting. Then two others...
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