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    ***Best BYC Show Pose Contest - Ends June 20th*** Enter To Win! Even More Placings To Place *WINNERS

    Name: Herman (White silkie cockerel) Bonnie (Blue Pullet) Age: 1yr/5mths Breed(s): Silkie How'd You Wound Up With this chicken(s): Bred them
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    There is a lot of people in the North Metro! Holly Moley! I am located Just North of North Branch in Harris,mn . Thought I would share some pictures of my silkies and my Black Copper Marans with silkies :)
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    Chick and Pullet Silkie Contest- Ends 6/1/12 *Contest Closed: Winners Posted!*

    Age: Two Days Age:5mths Breed: SIlkie Breed: Silkie Name: Cotton...
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