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    variety and gender?

    US araucana are rumpless. UK standard araucana are tailed and crested.
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    variety and gender?

    Welp, Cockerel. I've been wrong before! LOL
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    19 and Two 16 Week Old Barred Rock Rooster Or Hens ?

    Pullets, can't be hens... they're too young.
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    Eastern Ct

    Eastern Ct
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    Sexing a 2 month old Ayam Cemani

    I've heard of adult roosters brooding a nest, sometimes take over 'mothering' the chicks. Gotta remember, his job in life is procreation and protection of the next generation. Your little guy may just have a lot of paternal instincts.
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    EE hen or roo?

    That looks like a cockerel
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    Pullet OR cockerel?!?

    These are probably cockerels
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    Araucana thread anyone?

    Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. Anne sold him as a mottled blue.
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    Araucana thread anyone?

    Here’s the two cockerels I’m keeping. Hopefully they can live well together, when I can sell the cuckoo.
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    What kind of chicken is this? Is it even a chicken?

    its a chicken... looks like a bantam something.
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    Pullet OR cockerel?!?

    All chickens, males and females have spur buds. Some hens even grow spurs. I have a hen with spurs.
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    Hen or Rooster

    pullets, both of them.
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    What breed is my bantam??

    That pic looks like a young pullet as well. All puff no flow. LOL
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    Needing some opinions on what everyone thinks my new bantam rooster is. The person I got him from yesterday had no information about it.

    make sure that legband isn't too tight... It should be more loose than it appears to be in the pic.
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    Can someone help me out? dont know the breed

    agreed, calico princess... a crossbreed.
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