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    Comment by 'ginger c.' in article '"The Egg Plant" Coop'

    beautiful coop!!!
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    3 roosters need a new home

    All ads must be in Buy Sell Trade, please. edited by staff
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    Tammy's broody again how do we stop it?

    thanks for the advice we may try the cool water fanny dunk!
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    Tammy's broody again how do we stop it?

    so our chicken Tammy has got that "I want to be a momma" feeling again. How do we convince her otherwise? Is there something we can do to get her over this? Thanks in advance!
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    Pallet coop questions

    There are different ways of using the pallets. As for our coop, I actually broke them down and used the wood like clapboard siding. I used some of the 2x4s on them in the frame. If you are in a cold area and keep them intact, you can insulate and cover over the inside. We live in Alabama, so...
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    chicks are hatching and maybe missing help!!!

    Tammy's a barred rock. we found the chick later last night and sometime today another hatched. since this is our first time to have a hen hatch chicks we, ie me, tend to freak-out! thanks a bunch!!
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    chicks are hatching and maybe missing help!!!

    ok, the eggs we put under our broody hen are starting to hatch. We saw one empty shell under the mama's breast, but no chick. Is it possible she or one of the other hens ate her baby? Or are mama hens just really good at hiding them? i know we must seem really stupid but this is our first time...
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    Buff Orp?

    thanks y'all that's what we were afraid of.
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    Buff Orp?

    We got this baby a couple of weeks ago (4/18). We were told she is a buff orpington. She looks mostly white with some yellow tint on her neck and head. Is that what buff chicks look like? Or is she something else?
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    New and hoping for some advice

    easter egges are great, you might also want to look at rhode island reds, they're great layers and super sweet. if it were me i'd stay away from anything with feathes on their feet, they get super nasty!
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    need help for a broody hen

    so our sweet Tammy has decided she wants to be a mama, we have a friend bringing us 6 eggs for her to sit on. do we need to move her to a separate inclosure? our nesting boxes are up kinda high and if this works and she hatches chicks we don't want them to fall. this may be a dumb question do we...
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    Tammy's on strike! HELP!!

    thanks for the incouragment! if she is missing her boyfriend i hope she gets over it soon, he was mean as a snake, attacked me every chance he got!
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