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    What Strange Things Have You Ate??

    eel and my son ate color crayons when he was very little. Does that count?!
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Sore loser
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    12+ Swedish Flower Hen Hatching Eggs

    OH those are so beautiful!! I am thinking....
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    Am I a cruel mother??

    My mom used to tell us that all the time, but we ate the raw dough anyway. I still like it! So, no. You are not a "mean Mom" in my book esp. because he found out it was not true. But then family always teased a lot! So we grew up "skeptical" so-to-speak.
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    Good news! My fiance is finally coming home!!

    Congratulations! How very exciting for you both! Go clean now....
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    My Little Chickies are growing so fast (pics)

    They are so cute! I especially love the Sultans and the Houdan.
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    Good news... & bad news... post yours...

    Good News: My daughter flunked her driving test. Yes! This is good news as I have a little while longer before I have to do some major worrying!!!) Bad News: I still have to drive her 2 hours a day to school everyday...But I get to talk to her during that time, its really not so...
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    is it ok to give chickens leftover food

    My chickens will also eat our table scraps...they loved this last week when my salmon loaf did not "turn out!" They thought is was perfectly exciting food.
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    The decomposition steps of castrating a cockerel ((GRAPHIC PICS!!!))

    That is interesting how the bird does not seem to "feel" pain as much as one would think.
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    Newspaper ok instead of shavings?

    I found that those non-slip rubber mats that sell for $1 at the Dollar Store work great for my chicks. You can buy a bunch of them and reuse them. I just throw the used ones in a bucket with some soap and let them soak to loosen the debris. Then I rinse them and wash them out well with the...
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    Three months old and still not 100% sure.....

    I would say a hen but I would like to see what others have to say. It is pretty whatever it is.
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    I heard it from the Grapevine

    How Cool is that! She is a pretty "Mother Hen!"
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    Entire Flock of Blue/Black/Splash Silkies~~~2 DAY AUCTION~~Upstate SC

    AUCTION ENDED. They are no longer for sale.
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    Entire Flock of Blue/Black/Splash Silkies~~~2 DAY AUCTION~~Upstate SC

    I simply need to "downsize" a lot. Right now, I just have too many chicken for the facilities I have, and I do not want to "overdo" the amounts I have for the area I live in. I am also concentrating on my white and buff silkies for now as I have to limit myself for the above reasons...which...
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    Entire Flock of Blue/Black/Splash Silkies~~~2 DAY AUCTION~~Upstate SC

    * My Entire Flock of Blue/Black/Splash Silkies....They are between 2 years and 1 week old. They mostly came from CJSilkie's Eggs/ Chickens I ordered here on BYC~~So Pretty!! Roosters are Splash, Black and Blue (Approx. 4) Hens are Black and Blue (Approx. 4) I also have one Blue Silkie...
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