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    8 weeks old !

    White one is a cockerel.
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    Definite pullets. 6 months ? They should be laying any day now.
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    5-6 months old ? Pullet! Have they not started laying yet ?
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    Quick last minute guinea keet setup

    Guineas are now 6 weeks old. I’ve moved them to their outdoor coop! At what age can they be with the older guineas ? Their “mom” was checking them out through the wire.
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    Famous Hatchery 'Pure Bred' Appearances

    Golden Brahma: What they should look like:
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    What Breed?

    French wheaten marans it is!!!
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    Is this a rooster?

    Beautiful pullet. Looks like she’ll be laying soon!
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    Broody hen issues

    Why would you move the chicks to a brooder if they have a mother hen to care for them and keep them warm ? Are you moving both hen and chicks to a “brooder” ? If so, don’t move them til all have hatched.
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    This is lavender She’s 3 years old She’s a khaki x Rouen x pekin cross. She’s my favorite duck as she lays an egg everyday and she’s a wonderful duck mamma.
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    Angel Wing?

    That’s completely normal! They’re just growing in their primary and secondary wing feathers. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
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    I told myself not to ask buuuut...

    Yes but not that early. My leghorn pullets only started to develop large combs at 12 weeks. Austra white 6 week old pullet Austra white 6 week old cockerel
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    I told myself not to ask buuuut...

    6 weeks old with a comb that big ???
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    I told myself not to ask buuuut...

    Looking like a Cockerel :oops:
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