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    Hen or Rooster

    Both are pullets
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    You'd get red offspring with varying degrees of incomplete lacing, yellow legs, and rose combs.
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    So if i bred...

    You've got them backwards if your trying to breed sexlinks. Red rooster over a barred hen would make sexlinks. Males pass on barring to all offspring. Females pass on barring only the male offspring.
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    What breed bantum is this?

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    Lavender Orpington sex

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    Need Help...

    Cockerel, no doubt.
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    calling any one from missouri

    Oh wow!!!
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    Quail breed?

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    What breed are these chickens?

    Agreed. Need better pics of the second one.
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    What breed is this bantam?

    Old English have red earlobes. This pullet is a Brown Red Dutch bantam.
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    House chicken with new chick

    No its a guinea keet.
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    Please help. Pullet or rooster??

    Looks like a pullet to me
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    Australorp and Black Orpington Cross

    I wouldn't add Jersey Giant. You'll add in unwanted yellow skin genes.
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    Mille Fleur d'Uccle

    Absolutely correct
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