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    Inter-chicken aggression? Also: hen trying to crow?

    Hey all! Couple of questions for ya: I bought three new hens to add to my (newly depleted) flock about a week and a half ago. I've been keeping them separate from the two left of the previous flock, letting them all get used to each other. The other day, I just opened the gate between the...
  2. Hannalices Chicken Coop

    Hannalices Chicken Coop

    After several months of plotting and wanting, I asked my landlords/bosses if I could set up a chicken coop 'round the back of the clinic/apartment where I live and work. The veterinarians I work for debated amongst themselves, and decided that no, I couldn't have a chicken coop 'round the back...
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    We are building a new Chicken Coop with lot's of photo's

    Looking great so far! I like the base you've done, gonna keep that in mind for my next one!
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    Coyote proofing pen

    Electric fence would be my suggestion. When I was out in CA, I lost all 8 of my thanksgiving turkeys to coyotes. They broke through cedar privacy fencing and pried up the chain link on the dog run I was using to hold the birds. I don't think you can go overboard when it comes to coyotes
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    Boo for migraines! I was so looking forward to the swap today, but I went back to bed at 8:30 with a whopper of a migraine, and woke up 10 minutes ago! Takes about an hour to get to Walpole from here, so I won't be making it. Hope everyone had a good time and that it didn't pour too badly!
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    Updated coop pictures~photo heavy

    Cute coop, and I love the girls' names!
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    Coop resurrection-Update 6/9-Moved in and mostly DONE!

    Serious, serious case of coop envy here. AWESOME job! (This got edited down from OHMYGAWD! I WANT your chicken coop!!) Thought the first statement was a little more mature.
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    New Hampshire!

    Quote: I found it at the Cheshire Horse in Keene, myself.
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    Quote: Me neither! Any chance someone will have Polish there?
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    Coop Re-Boot

    Thanks guys! I'm pretty happy with it.
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    Question aboutt bedding

    I don't see a problem- for the most part, the pellets are too big for them to eat, I've used them in the past and didn't have an issue. Just watch them, make sure they're not eating them, but you should be good.
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    Wire Brooder Vs Box Brooder Pros and Cons.

    I've done both- enclosed box w/ floor and wire cage. With the wire cage, you're going to need more heat, because the wire holds absolutely nothing in. I brooded my chicks in a wire cage in a tack room in a CA spring, so heat wasn't that big a deal. You're also going to need a place where they...
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    I Need Help!!!!! Rescued Chicks In Bad Shape.... UPDATE!!

    I swear by Nutri-Drench for debilitated animals- Agway usually carries it. The stuff helped me save a weak pair of newborn goat kids years ago, it's a mixture of molasses and vitamin supplements. You'll need the stuff labeled for poultry- you can add it to their water, or give it directly- I...
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    Jen's Hen Pen

    Can't wait to see this as it comes along!
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    Get ready to say AWWWWWW!

    LMAO! So cute!!
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