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    Can you identify the breed?

    They are brahmas. Looks like someone has put a bit of work into them as well.
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    Cockerel or Pullet? 4 weeks old.

    Hatchery barred rock cockerel
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    Please help--hen or roo?

    A cockerel finding it's crow.
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    Rooster or hen

    do you have a good side shot?
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    What breed and are these Roosters or Hens

    They are all red Rhode Island cockerels
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    everyone looks like cockerels
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    Rooster or Chicken???

    If you want to know genders and/or breeds take full body shots and post them.
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    Please help me figure out these breeds

    It is best to start your own thread
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    Please help me figure out these breeds

    One is a black brested red old english game bantam and the other is a cochin of mixed verities.
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    Free Murray McMurray mystery chick

    Need comb shots and full body shots like the 2nd pic which is of an ee.
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    3 mixes, a possible speckled sussex, and a possible blue orp. Time will tell on the sussex and orp.
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    What gender and breed is my two chickens

    A production red pullet and a barred plymouth rock cockerel
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    What breed/s is my Henrietta? (thanks)

    Some sort of mix could be an ee.
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    Any idea of what breed?

    Most likely a polish cross on the white seeing how there are no feathered legs.
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