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    What should a newbie start with?

    Agree, I have 2 Wyandottes, also a Buff Orpington and an Austrolorp ... all friendly, come running to see me, let me pick them up .... I just love my girls 🥰
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    What should a newbie start with?

    I totally agree. From reading on BYB I chose to have my 8x14 (8’ tall) run roofed with clear panels so they get light but stay dry. One of my best ideas. Lol
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    What should a newbie start with?

    This is my first year of having chickens, I read on BYB for several months and made a notebook with information I thought I’d need. My coop and run are similar to yours, I bought 4 chicks from Meyer, they guarantee the sex, and I had them immunized for Merck, that was in May. I have 4 beautiful...
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    Vaccinate or Not

    I bought 4 chicks from Meyer’s hatchery in Ohio (May 2019) and had them vaccinated for Mareks. They are healthy, beautiful girls, no ill effects and still laying an egg a day in this dang cold weather. I’m in WV
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    What to look for when checking on chickens in the cold?

    Thank you for posting this. I too am new at this and really worried about my girls.
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    Your very last chicken... what would it be?

    What are the 2 chicks in your avatar? SO cute ... look like they have troupes on
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    Egg with soft shell?

    I see, thank you for explaining. My girls and I are doing very well thanks to BYC members sharing your valuable knowledge with us newbies. My 4 girls hatched 5/27/19 ... 2 days after I turned 67
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    My Blind Chicken Steve (aka Stevie Wonder)

    Cute coop! The ramp looks steep, maybe side rails so he doesn’t fall off the sides?
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    Canelo has a surprise...

    I didn’t see your earlier posts but am guessing you rescued this handsome horse?
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    Egg with soft shell?

    Is this where crushed oyster shells come in handy?
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    13 babies :)

    Awww ... makes me miss my little chicks .. now big fluffy hens
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    Time to go on the offensive...enough is enough.

    When we setup our coop and run, my final defense was to add a hot wire about 2” high all around the perimeter of coop and run. So far it’s repelled a fox and my contractor
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    Coccidiosis video worth watching

    That’s correct, just my four girls. They’ve been here since day old, I picked them up at hatchery.
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    Ventilated but Free of Drafts

    We share the same last name .. sorry, off topic, just don’t see it too often here.
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