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    Game camera is the best, but until then, if you are able to safely do so, brush off one of your trusses......where you suspect traffic.......brush it off clean, then sprinkle a light dusting of tracking powder on it. Use baby powder or even a light dusting of plain old white flour. Tracks will...
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    Masked Bandit and Murderer Caught on Tape

    Goes to show the benefit of keeping game cameras up. They don't stop anything, but at least you know who/what was responsible for the mahem. Am not familiar with Wosoda brand camera.....but looks to be pretty cheap and effective. If you 8' fence is metal, you can hang a strand or two of...
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    @cmom, Do you have a name and model number for that one? This thread is not that old, but old enough that most of the links to cameras in it show cameras that are no longer available. Apparently technology moves pretty fast in that category.
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    More game camera fun from the inexpensive Wild Game Razor. About 300 yards from my backdoor. Hear em.....never see em. Would love to see a test of this cheapo camera side by side with nice cameras from Browning, Moultrie, etc. Quality of these photos is lacking, but at the same time, for $32...
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    Raccoons: Do they ever leave?

    I have coons in abundance......and don't trap or shoot em.....and have never lost a bird to one or had any real serious damage to anything from a coon.......or for that matter, anything else either. Process I use is simple and straight forward. Birds are locked into a predator proof house at...
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    Protecting Pasture Chickens from Coyotes, Owls and Hawks

    Would be curious to see pictures of the mobile coops. Who is doing the most damage? Coyotes or Hawks? If this is a permanent effective electric fence around the perimeter is doable to keep the coyotes at arm's length, and that can be supplemented by an aggressive trapping...
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    Rats! I have bad rats!

    On the feed issue, check into a rat proof feeder. It fits your schedule and if installed properly, chickens will be able to use it and rats can't. That alone may do it, but if not, you can then include the poison bait blocks..........and do use them from secure bait boxes made for that purpose.
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    Chicken with its head missing

    So you have a couple inches of space under the coop........what is on the other side of the coop opposite the run? Is it open to the world or enclosed? If open, could be any number of predators....skunks, possums, weasels or mink. Skunks and possums not normally taking head off and eating...
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    IR sensors? I don't know and instructions are silent on anything related to specs. Barely tell you how to use it at all. So actual photos are all I have to go by. Also, on the IR......on the Campark photo of the fox.......the camera was set to take one photo, then 25 seconds of video. On the...
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    Mustelids......and why the Least Weasel can kill a chicken.

    Interesting program. What would also be interesting is the backstory of how a whackadoodle like Rob wound up on a country estate in the midst of a mustelidae research farm......who financed it and why. Beyond that, pretty typical of PBS nature films......gotta give the animals cute names and...
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    Fox getting a little to close for comfort.

    What bait and method are you using with your live trap? And if you catch him, what then? But.....if you coop is secure, does it matter if a fox is lurking about?
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    What I wonder about with these super cheap cameras are how many misses they have. Target animals showing up that have obviously been in the field of view for some time....but for how long and how many others did it also miss entirely? But at the same time, it would be easy for a sensitive...
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    Then more recently, decided I wanted a 2nd modern era game camera, and while I was in Walmart, strolled over to sporting goods to see what they might have. After spending 10 or 15 minutes staring at the packaging, I sought out a sporting goods clerk and asked him what they sold the most...
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    Anyone Used This Game Camera?

    A while back I went shopping for a really nice trail camera, nice of course being relative......but for my purposes, I couldn't justify the expense of nearly $200+. I wanted to know, but not that bad. So what else was out there? I settled on this one.......partly on the basis of the number of...
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    Visitor Last Night

    Photos when you can. Some of us are visual learners. ;)
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