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    I have a rooster in the mix and don't know who it is. Help please!

    I agree, the buff silkie looks like a cockerel. The white silkie was my first assumption until I scrolled down. Not overly familiar with silkies though so don’t hold me to it. Beautiful birds though. They are far more photogenic than mine lol.
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    Coop build!

    Building a coop for the flock. Deep enough for deep litter method, two large access doors, lots of ventilation, roost space enough for 30 birds (?), 5 nesting boxes, chicken-sized entrance will lead to the run, predator-proof underside will have PVC auto-feeders and two doors for easy access to...
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    Seeking design suggestions for the ultimate chicken tractor/mobile coop for a small flock

    Search for ‘Justin Rhodes’ on YouTube. His Chickshaw design is one of the best I’ve seen. Eventually I plan to build one of my own. It’s low maintenance, easy to move, and can house a surprising number of birds.
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    How to get rid of mud in the out door run

    Wood chips is a great solution. I use a generous amount of hay in my run and that works great too. With the hay, I find that it breaks down and by adding new over old frequently it raised the ground level so water accumulation all but went away. I never had any issues with wet hay and mold...
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