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    Comment by 'Jayne_ofthechickens' in article 'How To Clip Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight'

    I’m considering clipping since my free range chickens have started flying into the dog yard and being played with to death. My concern is, will they still be able to escape predators with clipped wings? The dog fence is 4 feet high. Will clipping even help?
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    Injured Rooster

    My rooster’s leg has still not healed. He has been thru three rounds of penicillin and the leg is still oozing puss and smells like death. I clean it every few days and spray it with antiseptic spray but nothing has worked. Just when I think it’s healed he gets sick to the point of death. The...
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    Injured Rooster

    He was doing well or so I thought. He had an injury to his leg that we didnt notice and is now infected. I just scrubbed it out with soap and water and applied the blue spray. Will be giving another shot of penicillin tomorrow morning. I feel so bad that I missed this injury! The hubs thinks it...
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    Injured Rooster

    Cracked corn mixed with starter/grower
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    Arkansas folks speak up.........

    Hey!! I have 25 chickens!
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    Review by '' on item 'Little Giant Still Air Incubator 9200'

    I’ve used this incubator four times with excellent results. I bought the optional egg turner for the last three hatches and feel it’s invaluable!! The only eggs that didn’t hatch were not fertilized. It’s a great, reasonably priced little guy!!
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    Injured Rooster

    I have a one and a half year old rooster who was recently injured by a dog. He had five puncture wounds and was completely defeathered from head to tail on his back. I have been nursing him back to health for about three weeks now. Two days ago I noticed he was not really moving around much and...
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    Arkansas folks speak up.........

    I’m in NWA near Fayetteville. I’m not that close to you but I know Mena well!
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    Loved this forum for years so

    I figured I should join! I currently have 25 chickens of various ages, 5 of whom are Silver Laced Wyandottes, 1 Red laced and 19 lovely mixtures of a rescued Rooster, Pirate, of indeterminate breed, the red laced Wyandotte and a deceased Orpington, Penny, my favorite hen. They have the run of...
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