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    Winter laying??

    Three of my four white leghorns are now laying.... one started 2 weeks ago... one last week... one today..... i think the 4th is very close....whats the chances that since they basically just started laying that they will continue through the winter.... i am not using any light in the coop
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    Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

    Hello fellow Pennsylvanians.....just happened upon this thread.... I’m from Bucks County.... just outside of Philadelphia.... this is my first winter with chickens....4 white leghorns (all township allows) ... i was just wondering what folks in our area do to winterize the runs...i basically...
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    Run floor

    Thats what i was originally planning to do... i am also working on getting some wood chips
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    Run floor

    Yes....only using pine shavings in coop.... which i change every 10 days or so
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    Run floor

    I just raked up a large trash can full of dry leaves... can i use them to get started?
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    Ready to lay??

    Yes very “eggciting”
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    Ready to lay??

    So i just found the second egg for today..... i guess she figured it out.... Now 2 outta 4 are laying
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    Ready to lay??

    Quick question.... one of my girls has big red comb and wattles.... she has been squatting when i reach out the last couple days. Ive been sitting here watching her for about 45 mins... she is pacing and squawking her fool head off... she has been in and out of the coop constantly... when she is...
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    What Do You Drive, Ride or Fly? Picture chat thread! first car was a 73 Roadrunner.... I loved that car!!!
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    Run floor

    Or if one was better to use than the other
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    Run floor

    TC sells this.... i didnt know what the difference between this and pine shavings was
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    Run floor

    Can i use chopped straw or pine shavings to cover my now dirt (muddy) run floor? If so which is better in your opinion?
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    Protein for chickens

    My girls go crazy for live mealworms.... i get the at pet store...they are like 3 or 4 $ for 50 of them
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    2nd in 3 days
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    "Fed up" with feed & feeders - What do you feed your laying hens, and what style feeder do you like?

    I bought the diy feeder kit from rent a coop on amazon.... i have no complaints came with everything but the bucket
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