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    Sugar Gliders

    Stinky and messy. Lol. I hung cheap tablecloths behind their cages to keep the food off the wall.
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    Sugar Gliders

    I used to have them. Loved them. Every sunday was food making day. Definately high maintenance. Any one thinking of getting them needs to research alot beforehand. I read everything I could and talked to people who bred them for about two years before I got my first two joeys.
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    So I've got rabbits suddenly- holistic outdoor keeping? Input appreciated ASAP!

    You do realize that you will now have more rabbits in about a months time by putting them together right?
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    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    @bradselig 11 on banty cochin
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    Nigerian dwarf kids die shortly after birth .

    I cant tell you what is going on with her but I would not buy her. Especially if you have plans for milking her as you would have to breed her. If you just wanted her as a pet with absolutely no intention to ever breed her and no way she could be accidently bred I might consider her.
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    Is my gilt pregnant? please check pot bellied pics

    Yeah!!! Be sure to post pics of those little oinkers once they are here. Nothing much cuter than piglets. :)
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    Is my gilt pregnant? please check pot bellied pics

    Pigs are pregnant for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days so if its been longer than that since shes been with a boar shes probably not pregnant. :)
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    MI Fall Fowl Fest 2014

    I'll be there bright and early also. Hope to see yam
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    Attention Boston Terrier Owners!!

    The only thing my boston likes is the poop, goose, chicken or duck, doesnt matter.
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    If you could adopt one of these chickens...

    #3 or #5. :)
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    Silkie thread!

    @katzbantams the eggs have been in the incubator for 32 days? Are these silkie eggs? If so I would very carefully dispose of them.
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    BIN- Mille Fleur bantam Cochin- 1 dz eggs

    Subscribing for when i'm ready. :)
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