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    What happened to these babies? *Graphic pics

    Thank you so much for the advice. Since the chick was in the next box over, that is probably what happened. I thought they would be okay to stay in the nesting box until evening, but obviously not. I was worried she would fight us if I tried to move her during the day. Now I know and will do...
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    What happened to these babies? *Graphic pics

    I am not entirely certain where this should be posted, so I started here. One of my broodies hatched three healthy, fiesty babies and they were fine this morning. We went out there this evening to move them to their own little pen and one of the babies had skin missing from it's face. I know...
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    Look what I found!! and a question...

    The top chick is a naked neck. The other two, I am not sure. They are all from the same buff orpington rooster. I have two broody hens. When I move mama and babies to the broody pen, should I move the other broody and her eggs to the same pen?
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    Early I know

    What breed is this chick?
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    My EE..roo or hen :)

    I brooded two cockerals together and they never fought. We had to re-home one of them because he was too noisy and the one we kept seemed to miss his buddy for a week or so.
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    Buff Orpington Cockeral, Maybe?

    He looks like a boy to me as well. I really hope he's as sweet as mine, he lets us pick him up some times and has never been aggressive toward people, including my 4-year old.
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    Possible broody hen problem

    I am really hoping so. I haven't seen any behavior like this before.
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    ID some rosters please!

    The two on the outside of the top photo look like light brahmas to me, but the middle one looks like it could be a different breed.
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    chick identification

    They look like seabrights to me. Are they bantams?
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    Breed on my pullets?

    It looks like you have a red sex-link and a silver-laced wyandotte. The other one in those pics, I cannot see clearly enough.
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    Possible broody hen problem

    It was late last night when I went out there. She didn't crack one of hers. I have been taking food to her and she gets out of the box to eat. I am going to be more diligent about checking on her though. She pecked a hole in it and started eating it. when I took it away, she started trying...
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    Possible broody hen problem

    I have a broody speckled sussex who's been sitting on eggs for about 10-12 days. Last night when I went out to candle her eggs, she started pecking at and trying to eat the eggs in the nesting box next to her. I took them away, and this morning she hasn't eaten her eggs, but is this behavior...
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    Help me identify my TSC chicks

    they look pretty girly
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    Does anyone know of a missing rooster in Garden City? A rooster showed up in my yard. I already have a rooster and this guys is awfully pretty. He's also too old to have been a surprise cockerel. We can't/won't keep him, so I am hoping to figure out where he came from.
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