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    What was this? Infection, tumor? Gross Picture

    That is interesting. If it were on a human, I would say common fibrosis. But please dont hold me to that. I have 2 Dr friends I will show the photo to and see what they think.
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    need an incubator.

    You could just build one. You can find ALL the help you need right here. Oh! and welcome to BYC
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    Need good treats to keep rooster quiet.

    I hate to be the one to tell you this, But you can't stop him! I don't understand why folks don't like Roos since they are part of what makes a flock a flock.
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    Agressive Cockerels - What to do?!

    Quote: I agree! And with that said, if it were me, I would keep the BO. You will be glad in the long run. In my opinion.
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    Hen just started acting ravenous?

    Your feed (That you should never run out of) needs to be 16 to 22% protine. And yes on the cals. An egg a day is taxing. Alot of her goes into each one, and to be hungry is quit the norm. Good for her. And you did good to ask your question to these folk. Ya won't go wrong.
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    New chicks hatched by & raised by Momma Hens....when does Momma Hen

    Quote: I agree. mine go between 4 and 6 wks then intergration should have happened. But they know thier place. Momma will be your friend again after that. Congrats!
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    Posturing? Tensing up when getting picked up??

    Just a thought, But it is a submissive posture. Good girl there.
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    Inside Job

    I've got about 12 Roos to 70+ hens. All hatched here. No cemicals ever. Unless it's in the feed.
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    Inside Job

    I have had my share of preditor problems from time to time like anyone else. But this puts a new twist on predation. About a month ago, my son went to collect eggs. We had expected 60 odd eggs. Not even 1 was to be found. This went on for some two weeks or so. FF to 4 days ago, we found a single...
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    Local fox getting to friendly (with us) what shall I do????

    Quote: By all means call animal control! That is too bold even for a pet. Fox are usually not out during the day. I have had odd acting fox I know were rabid that approched my son and myself. Said son dispatches these, and we hand them over to the wild life dept. Sofar all tested positive. At...
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    Ha ha ha your outta here

    I have a pet opossum and at least mine hasn't bothered a bird. Yet anyway. But don't let him catch you with a peanut butter sandwitch. And I'll go half on the bail for Dad!
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    Ok What is lockdown?

    Lock down helps the fuzzies orient up right also.
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    Worried about air cells in shipped eggs. (Added pics)

    I have candled eggs from broody hens and the are ALL exactly like the top egg. Hens don't lay little end up. When I store eggs, the air sack is the same as the bottom egg. Due to how I store them (little end up). I can't tell any difference in the hatch rate.
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    My luck finally ran out (WARNING: Graphic pictures)

    Quote: I agree! The attack came from behind, To me that says Raptor. I'm not saying any guess is wrong, but there is a pattern to how each animal takes prey items. Some break the rule we placed on them from time to time. It seem as if the other hens saw the "Perp" that alone would be enough to...
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    How long do chickens live?

    If it helps, I have 9 that are 13yo, The eggs have slowed some but they are family now. Or at least I owe them something.
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