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    Review by 'Labchick10' in article 'Stone Family Farm Coops'

    Functional but somewhat of an eyesore.
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    Green feet

    Got her and 5 other chicks from a hatchery. They said they were RIRs. I don't really care. I'm just a crazy bird lady who loves her babies! Just curious as to what she might be.
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    Comment by 'Labchick10' in article 'Dog house transformation'

    What a great job! You really flipped that house! Lol
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    Green feet

    What am I?
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    Very puffy. I think you should hang to dry! lol
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    MJ's little flock

    She is beautiful!
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    What breed is this rooster?

    Very handsome guy!
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    Integrating young chicks with older chickens

    I have 6 chicks hatched on 8-19-20 in with 2 chicks hatched on 7-10-20. I have put up a barrier inside the coop so they can see each other but not touch. We have no accidents. I do let them free range outside every day while being closely watched. The older ones will chase the little ones every...
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    Green feet

    I'll try to take a close up so you can get a good look.
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    Green feet

    I'll try to post some pics. The ones I have right now are not very good.
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    Green feet

    I have no idea. I bought the eggs at a hatchery.
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    Green feet

    My dark red chick has greenish feet. Her sisters are rhode island reds but I have no clue what she is. Her feathers are a deeper red but those weird feet! Any ideas?
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