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    Egg identification - it could be one of three hens

    I get this weird egg and it's a beautiful creamy color and always very oblong with a pointed end. The single breeds that I have are buff Brahma, black Australorp and a white Giant. For the life of me I can't figure out who's laying this egg! Anybody?
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    What are these bugs??

    Pyranha bug spray. Order on Amazon and keep it on hand. Those mites get EVERYWHERE and this kills them. THEN dust de and put your new bedding down. You'll have to clean roosting poles, nesting boxes too. You don't have to go nuts but spray this on every surface. Smells nice too. Give your girls...
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    Australorp or Black Giant?

    I'm pretty sure they're pink. This photo is really blurry. So hard to get a pic of a moving target! I should have gotten off the sofa and gone into the coop last night like I intended🙄
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    Australorp or Black Giant?

    I'll try to sneak out while she's sleeping 🤭 and look at her little foot bottoms and come back 😏
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    Australorp or Black Giant?

    I had one Australorp and two Black Giants. Two black chickens were killed by a fox. Now I don't know which one I have left! Does anybody know? Thanks!!
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    is there any big difference between barred rocks and cuckoo marans?

    I have 2 cuckoo marans, and they do look very much like the barred rocks I used to have. Their eggs are medium size and a rich brown with a very hard shell. They are docile, but I've got 3 Delawares who rule the flock. I won't get more of those, but am considering a black maran for darker eggs...
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    I received three report so far but this one indicates some lab results. my avian vet will call me tomorrow but I wondered if any of you had comments.
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    Dogs and E coli & more

    I'm glad to have read this thread since I lost a chicken last Sunday will appear to have an infected eye and swollen wattles. I took her to the state lab for necropsy and she was full of pus. They email you lab results as they come in and this is today's report. I just thought I would share it.
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    What Antiseptics and Disinfectants are in Your Kit?

    I've never heard of it and looked it up. It's not cheap but it'll be indispensable. I just lost a hen to some awful infection - I took her to our state lab for a necropsy yesterday and the test results aren't back yet. The pathologist did call me last night (just like he said he would!) and told...
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    Not so far. I've got one with a dirty butt that needs a wash and I'll do that tonight. When I get them sunflower seeds, I wave the cup to the right and they all look in that direction. Then I slowly move it to the left and they all look in that direction giving me a chance to look at every...
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    Yesterday I took her to the lab on the list you gave me. It was a long drive but worth it. And probably took less time than it would have to pack it and ship it. The pathologist said he would get back to me by the end of the day, and by God he did! She was full of about one cup of pus😱. There...
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    Why are they not laying anymore

    Is it cold where you live? Is it very cold? They do much better with layer feed. It is formulated for optimal egg-laying. Try as we might we can't match that with kitchen scraps and additional grain. If it isn't cold where you are are they molting? They definitely won't lay when that's happening.
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    Thank you so much. Put her in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. That feels just awful to do. I'll send her off in the morning to the Florida laboratory listed in the link you gave me.
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    Unfortunately she just died in my lap
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    Eye closed eyelid yellow?

    Help! Her breathing is labored. She keeps trying to go to sleep which I think means dying cuz she's kind of collapsing to the side so I'm walking her around bouncing her. I cleaned her nostrils with a cotton ball. What else can I do?
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