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    coop floor

    Okay, I just bought the equine pine and I'm going to try it. I am a little worried that the chickens will try to eat it but we'll see. The pellets are a little bigger than their layer pellets. I also picked up a bag of the same sort of stuff for my rabbit - it is made by the same company...
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    Lost another one...

    Cheryl, I'm sorry about your chicken. This also happened to my silver-laced wyandotte over the weekend. I went out in the morning on saturday and she was just laying there under the roost. She was also 8 months old, and has a sister, who looks fine so far (they came from My Pet Chicken)...
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    I just got my first goat!

    Yes, pictures please. I'm waiting for the day when I have more land and get a couple of goats. For now I am vicariously enjoying others'. Congratulations!
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    Anyone still have their Christmas tree up?

    Mine is up. I just like it and it hasn't dried out yet, so I leave it. This is the longest we have ever left it up. I did put all the other decorations away. I find un-decorating the tree a so difficult though. It has all these child-made ornaments from years past, and I hate to put them...
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    Anyone have Polish in Cold Climate?

    Thank you! I think I'm going to go for it and just do the warmest I can for them when it turns cold. So excited!
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    Anyone have Polish in Cold Climate?

    Hi, I'm thinking about a golden polish but I read that they're not cold-hardy. Does this mean I shouldn't have one here in MA, or that I should just take special care in winter. How much cold can they stand? Thanks. Lily
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    SNOW DAY! What are you doing?

    Made a big breakfast for the kids, played a game of MLB Showdown with my son, now doing work from home (sort of) even though my boss declared a snow day!
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    What song do you think of?

    Our House - CS&N Toes
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    Which Baby Are You?

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    My chicken honks like a duck

    My RIR sounds just like duck.
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    If you could live anywhere

    I love the midwest - wisconsin maybe? Also the middle of Maine. I miss living in Maine. I just want more of what I already have. The more snow the better. And more land for more animals. I stay here because of family and kids in school system.
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    something an older person says about chickens

    May I suggest a really good read about old timers and chickens (and other animals too)? E.B. White (author of Charlotte's Web) is so old that he's, well, dead. There is a wonderful book called "One Man's Meat" where he writes about life on his farm in Maine. Many of the articles in it were in...
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    Happy Three Kings Day!

    Three Kings Day is also known as "Epiphany." It's when the magi visit the baby Jesus. We actually don't do too much with it - we take down our tree, and the church service (Episcopal) this morning had a cute procession where the kids followed the star to baby Jesus in the manger, and then...
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