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    How much fence do I need to keep Alpine goats in?

    oh ok, thanks! then yes i do believe that this fencing would keep the goats in just fine!
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    When i got my angel star, she was barely alive, it was touch and go, she had such a heavy worm load that we werent sure she would make it. We had the vet out and he diagnosed her with stringhalt, and figured she is in her 20's, that was 4 years ago and with the huge improvement in her diet plus...
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    How much fence do I need to keep Alpine goats in?

    Not sure what you mean by 11 6 fencing, is it like field fencing that has 6 inch holes or so? if thats the case then that should be enough to keep them in just fine!
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    My horse has string halt. It acts up kinda like arthritis, in the winter its worse than the summer, but if she takes off galloping you'd never even know she has it! i bought her at an auction to save her from slaughter- from the info i could find out about her, the string halt started after she...
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    New Alpacas in the Minivan!

    thats too funny! we hauled a pony 40 miles in the back of our van and boy i think some people got whip lash from turning their heads so quickly to look!
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    BYC Spinning Fiber

    I sent you an email but will answer your questions here in case someone else is wondering also! :)Are your shetland the single or dual coat? SINGLE Has the fleece been skirted? BASIC 1ST SKIRTING ONLY Were the sheep covered before shearing? NO What is the staple length of the shetland? MOST ARE...
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    BYC Spinning Fiber

    Hi, I have a flock of Shetland sheep, a llama and a pair of french angora rabbits! I love to spin! I have an Ashford traditional spinning wheel and a few bottom whorl drop spindles! I also sell Shetland wool, (raw) in moorit(brown), gray and white, plus i have a little bit of llama (frosted...
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    What are all your animals?

    Hi- 25 shetland sheep 1 llama 1 french angora rabbit 8 other rabbits, (lionhead, mini and standard rex) 1 horse 12 geese ( buff, embden, african, chinese) 1 border collie 1 cat 1 goldfish too many ducks and chickens to count!
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    Anyone spin wool?

    Your gonna love it! When i was first starting it was easier to rest my bottom whirl drop spindle right on the floor instead of letting it hang, otherwise my fiber would pull apart- now i can make yarn really easy with it and take it to craft shows to demonstrate! I also have an ashford...
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    BYC Spinning Fiber

    Hi everyone! I have a herd of 25 naturally colored shetland sheep, 1 llama and 1 french angora rabbit~ I got an ashford traditional this spring and love making yarn! Its soooo great! I dont have a drum carder yet but within a year i hope to purchase one! If anyone is interested in buying some...
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    Chicken Eating Chicken

    Hi, mine did this also except they picked at his butt until he died then ate his guts out! it was so disgusting, i don't know why they do it either but i caught the one that was picking butts and butchered him.
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    Mixing Bantams with Barred Rocks???

    They will be fine! i have banty's with my full size chickens and ducks, they all get along fine! and you wont need a banty rooster your big one will do the job!
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    Anyone interested in a fiber swap?

    Hi, There hasn't been a whole lot of interest in this thread yet, if you want to just trade with me I also have some dark brown Llama fiber to trade- let me know! Shari
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    Anyone interested in a fiber swap?

    i will offer my gray mohair in the raw (from my angora buck, whose name is smokey) , whoever wants it offers what they have and so on... *Shari*
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    wanted soap for barter- 70 quail eggs A&M and pharoh

    ooooh i would love to trade with you! i have all natural goat milk soap for trade if you are interested! please let me know!! thanks! Shari
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