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    Golden Comet Chickens, HELP!

    We love our Golden Comets, they are friendly and excellent layers-all year round!
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    Comment by 'Melinda48' in item 'Nite Guard Predator Control Light'

    We bought shiny twirly gigs at the party store here in town and I hung them from a few tree branches overhanging our chicken area-seems to confuse he predators' line of sight and we have had zero problems since putting them out two years ago. I bought new ones this year. Used CDs would probably...
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    want a tip that will make your hens lay like its spring in the winter

    Not when it's been 6 weeks they don't. ~ : )
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    laying after broody?

    Our chickens molted. We have 11 girls and used to get 10 eggs a day without fail. Now we are lucky to get 4. This has been going on for over a month now. How the heck long is it going to be until they lay again?
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    won't go in the coop at night

    I think the roosting bars need to be a bit more rounded. Look at your girls' little feet. They are made to go around branches - branches are not rectangular. I also think the roosts should be a bit longer. My girls like to next right next to each other and in cold weather, they keep each other...
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    How long does this last?

    Thanks, I think. I guess what you are saying is that they will pay again when they lay again.
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    How long does this last?

    So we have had our girls for 1 & 2 years (Buff Orpingtons 1-yr, Golden Comets -2). We have 10 girls. For the last three weeks we have been getting 3-5 eggs a day. This is way-y-y-y under our regular production! There are feathers in their area but none of them looks anything like the photo of...
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    calling any one from missouri

    Ours had those wrinkly eggs for a time as well. They are back to normal. I don't think it anything to worry about (I hope). Our girls are fine now so - no biggie.
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    Pullet laid 3 eggs and then quit...why?

    We have ten girls; Golden Comets and Buff Orpingtons. They are between 1 & 2 years old. We are only getting 3 eggs a day after having experienced terrific laying (9-10 out of 10). They don't seem "molti." Any clue as to what might be going on?
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    gold comets

    We have had Golden moments for two years now and love love love them! They are friendly (except for one girl who is manageable but not terribly friendly - the Alpha Girl). They are great layers and do not get broody too easily. We could not be more pleased with them. Now, we are new at keeping...
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    Thank you so much for you reply! My girls are BO and Golden Comets. I guess this is just an animal thing. This is the first time we have ever had anything other than children or dogs. A lot to,learn!
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    We have 15 birds. Suddenly it seems, they are ganging up on one bird and pecking her. I know they are killing her - why why why??
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    Chicken water nipples reviews?

    We use vertical nipples in a Home Depot bucket. In the winter, we use a bucket heater (immersible) and don't have any problems. Our bucket has 4 nipples. We have a smaller "fair weather" bucket that also has four nipples. We have 16 birds and they all do quite well with this set up.
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