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    Showing Quail - Which Bobwhite Quail Should I Choose?

    Ah, very cool! I have been to a few 4H shows as a visitor but have not ever seen judging. Do the judges hold / pick up the birds? Check weights? Or do the judges just look at them through a cage? In the pictures, these birds all seem to have nice feathers. I am partial to the males. I...
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    courtnix and bobwhite

    How many batches of eggs have you tried to hatch? Are the quail housed outside in freezing temps? I have hatched some bobs in the past. I would have to look up the exact temps again. I don't remember if my incubator can do 99.5, so I probably had set at 99 or 100 instead. I read a few...
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    Predator took all 5 hens last night! I feel horrible!

    Sorry for your loss. I would think if it jumped / climbed a 4 foot fence it was probably a coyote, or maybe even a pack. I am sure they carried the hens away. From what I understand fox are more solo animals. I have had a fox attack one of my full size BO hens. And had not problem carrying...
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    One of my girls is gone!

    Sorry for your loss. I have experienced loss as well. Mostly all of my loss was from aerial hawk attacks. They must hit so hard they kill instantly. I have gone out and seen hawks standing on my chickens and eating them. I have also found one of my chickens with its neck pulled through my...
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    white flakes on face

    No the area is not bald. It appears to be something on the feathers. I haven't had the chance to catch him yet. Even the nostril cere's look like it is extra crusty or flakey. I don't fly my pigeons regularly. I originally got them to train my bird dogs but I lost 2 to hawks several years...
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    Questions on broodiness

    How did everything turn out? Did the eggs hatch? Did chicks survive?
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    Neighbors dogs!

    I recommend looking into premier 1 electric chicken fencing. It will keep dogs away from your flock and it is easily moveable. You can set up a different area every day or week for free ranging and your chickens will be protected. Worth every penny. I purchased mine after a fox came into my...
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    white flakes on face

    Thank you! What would you use to treat this? I feel the urge to catch this pigeon and wash its face. LOL I don't know if I should cover in Vaseline or give a few drops of ivermectin? I just looked up the pigeon pox and that appears to be a more fleshy issue, whereas this seems flakey and...
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    white flakes on face

    I live in southern NJ. Yes we do get mosquitos here. I will look up pigeon pox. I have been trying to search for info on crusty faces, eyes, nose, beaks. Flakes, skin and feather issues. I just don't see anything coming up. I would love to know if I can wash it or clean it, or treat it.
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    Back feathers not returning

    I would like to add that just about all of my hens looked like yours last summer. I had 2 roosters and 12 hens. It was crazy to see all those bare backs. I think I might use saddles this summer. Anyway, all birds started molting in the fall and their feathers all grew back beautifully for...
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    Questions on broodiness

    Thank you for all this information. I am encouraged by your comments about older hens having a higher chance to become broody. I have seen some questionable behavior in my 4 year old hens that have never previously been broody! It is still pretty cold outside AND these girls have only just...
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    Questions on broodiness

    Thank you! That is a great idea. This way I get to use my eggs until I see broody behavior. I was wondering if there was a time of year that broodiness was more likely. Spring or summer for instance. But since you say you have one broody at 25 degrees outside. I guess they can do it any...
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    Questions on broodiness

    It is still winter here in Southern NJ. So I don't think any hens will be broody at this time. I just noticed that the first time I brought home 14 hens and used to take eggs from them all the time without issues. (5 buffs O's, 5 americanas, 2 RIR, 2 Barred rocks) Then that summer the one BO...
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    Questions on broodiness

    Hahaha, Yeah I have read that about silkies. I don't want to offend anyone...but I don't like the look of silkies or cochins. :( I think it has something to do with the crazy feathered feet / legs. I love my orpingtons and americanas. When I originally got chickens it was just for eggs. I...
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    Questions on broodiness

    That is an interesting thought about the heat. I can't remember if it was a very hot summer or not. I remember it was pretty hot at the end of her incubation though, because she started leaving the nest for several hours at a time. I can remember being concerned that she was not going to go...
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