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    Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

    3 of ours are named after celebrities/ characters … 1. Betty White (she is a legend) (she is a mostly white, Silver Laced Wyandotte 2. Goldie Hen- (self explanatory lol) Gold Laced Wyandotte 3. Dory - she is the little engine that could & she is the happiest, sweetest girl! Just keep swimming…...
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    I’m in Billings! :)
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    Winter flock care and feeding

    Good morning! Thank you for your reply! There is quite a bit of ventilation in there, we are very conscientious about this potential issue and took it in to consideration when we built the coop. I also have 5 windows that I am able to open and close to provide even more ventilation. I don’t...
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    2021 Chicken Gift-Ideas Giveaway - Over $500 In Gifts Up To $35 Each!

    Not too sure WHY I need this… but I really do.
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    Winter flock care and feeding

    Hi everyone! New chicken mom here with a small flock of 6 (for now) they will be 18 weeks old next week and I am curious about a few things. 1. Winter care- we typically have harsh winters here in Montana and temps can get down to -30, I have winterized the coop (it is not drafty but there is...
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