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    Slow Moving Hen Rarely Eats

    So my little barred rock hen has always been a little slow moving, and gets left behind the flock. She’s always been a light bird. She drinks a lot, but rarely eats. She does eat some treats when i give them, oats, watermelon, etc.. Is there something wrong? And she does lay eggs fairly regular.
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    Silkie Guess.

    You see how the one on the left of that last pic, it’s body is tilted up? It makes me think that’s a young cockerel, but i’m not sure about the one on the right. Girls are more level with their posture and boys are tilted up, usually with their chest puffed out.
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    Red Tailed Hawk

    We have covered runs with a frame of wood and covered with hardware cloth (we don’t trust the chicken wire, seems easy for predators to pull apart), I’m hoping the hawk either nests somewhere else or if not hunts the squirrels or the stray chickens :oops:. I kind of think free range chickens...
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    Red Tailed Hawk

    Yes! I love them, i didn’t know the breed so thank you! We picked her up at tractor supply, she sadly died about a month ago due to a dog in the coup... I love that breed, great personality and just overall adorable.
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    Red Tailed Hawk

    Thanks! We actually have a fairly loud wind chime, but i’ve never heard of the CD trick. What do the wires over the run do?
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    Red Tailed Hawk

    So just recently a red tailed hawk moved into our neighborhood. Me and my neighbor both have chickens, and there is a small society of wild/stray chickens in the woods that someone left. We have a lot of squirrels, but i’m wondering how often red tailed hawks prey on chickens. Does color attract...
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    Straight run chances

    I mean i got a pullet at tractor supply that ended up being a cockerel. Then again my broody hen hatched four chicks that were all pullets. I’m not very familiar with geese but it’s probably still a 50/50 chance.
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    Longest time without hens laying

    Is it possible they are laying somewhere you can’t find the eggs? They tend to do that a lot, and egg laying does slow down in winter. Also time to adjust to a new home but since last August is plenty of time. I’m not sure, just try looking in places they may have found to lay their eggs?
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    Hen sitting on ground

    My hen was sitting in the middle of the run (until our cockerel bugged her) and just doing nothing. It’s cloudy, no sun bathing. Her tail is up, walking around normally. Is this normal chicken behavior or is something wrong?
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    Dog Attack

    I just found out, apparently the blood vessels didn’t get ruptured but the leg was basically seperated from the body but still attached. You could see the kidneys and everything. They are going to kill her humanely so she doesn’t suffer, there’s nothing they could do.
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    Dog Attack

    Thank you. My nurse friend is gonna stop by, her daughter knows a lot too. I’m hoping they make it in time.
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    Dog Attack

    We had a dog incident, i’m currently on vacation and getting this information second hand. He says she has a bloody leg and has a gash where her leg meets her body and he says he can see her organs or the fat protecting her organs. The organs themselves are fine, but we have no medical...
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    Integrating New Chickens

    The older ones are just over a year old, and the smaller ones are just over 7 months old. They all have started laying eggs. The first coup is where the older hens are, second one is the younger ones coup.
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    Breaking a broody

    I don’t think she’s full broody yet, she wasn’t on them all day today, so i took the eggs. She is very young so i’m hoping one day she’ll go full broody, just not right now.
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    Integrating New Chickens

    Ok so, the younger ones are mingling with the older ones, older ones tried to attack the cockerel, he ran them off. Whenever they get close the cockerel runs them off. Will this eventually stop?
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