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    11th Annual Easter Hatch a Long 2020

    I have chicken eggs I need to set anyways, so might as well join! 😃
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    If feed stores closed and you can’t free range...

    I vote for “compost-fed” chickens as I’ve not had to purchase layer feed for spring through early winter. I only had to supplement feed in the winter to kick them back into egg laying after finishing molting. But I also had a food waste collection/ composting business that brought in 5-10...
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    Official BYC Poll: How Long Have You Been Raising Chickens?

    I’ve been raining chickens for 11 1/2 years! I got my first 5 Red Star chickens in August 2008 as a present from friends. I guess I was imprinted as a little girl when I went to see my dad at work and in they had baby chicks and ducklings in the spring. I actually haven’t been on BYC recently...
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    Thanks! And I still have the same hen, even though she’s going on 4 years old!

    Thanks! And I still have the same hen, even though she’s going on 4 years old!
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    Comment by 'myfivegirls' in article 'Composting With Chickens'

    I don’t have a specific order of each layer, just whatever I have on hand. I usually go by when it starts to get soggy or I’ve got a lot of food waste, then it’s time to add “brown material” - doesn’t have to be just straw. Hay, shavings & manure from the coop, leaves, wood chips. Also weeds and...
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    Yes the little roosters are becoming very obvious! Plus a few might be Legbar/Marans cross so they'd definitely have big combs! And these boys are already getting a pink tint to their combs! Hopefully I'll get a few nice pullets out of them. Might be a good pair to breed to the Birchen Marans/OE...
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    Here's a few of the chicks from the eggs I won at Chickenstock! Apparently the Marans rooster was dominant because most are black with feathered feet. There's at least one frizzle polish/ Marans cross but it's looking a little roo-ish!
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    Sorry for your loss and hope you get your broody!
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    2018 NY Chickenstock

    Better photos than mine that were mostly blurry, because I just used my phone even though I'd brought my other camera. Tomorrow I'm processing a friend's Cornish and hopefully a few of my extra roosters. But also have to finish planting the garden.
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    Catskill Homesteader Breeding Project

    I don't get on BYC often to update this thread, so for the most recent updates, visit our Instagram account @paradiseindisguisehobbyfarm Or hashtag #catskillhomesteaderchickens or Facebook page: Occasionally we'll also post to our blog...
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    Wow, this thread has really become inactive compared to when I used to be more active on it. If I didn't check for a few days, there'd be several pages I'd missed. Well, it might just be you're all busy like I usually am. Or I prefer using IG to post photos & updates about the farm. Plus the...
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    2018 NY Chickenstock

    Yes I think so. Now I remember - it was in Ava, NY - when it was a public event. I got iris, strawberries, comfrey (that's huge too ) from a you and someone else. That's the first time I went to a Chickenstock. We'd just moved the previous November & I wanted to add to my garden. Last year we...
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    2018 NY Chickenstock

    Sounds like your hatch is going well! :jumpy I hope you get a nice variety from my eggs and not too many roosters. I usually donate one dozen for the raffle, but between the hens not cooperating and eating egg customers, I had a short supply. Sounds like a fun variety and the only ones I...
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    2018 NY Chickenstock

    I was nice chatting with fellow poultry lovers on such a gorgeous day! I'm excited to see what hatches from the raffle eggs! I didn't expect to win them all, but it was a pleasant surprise! :love The Spitz pullets and chicks I brought are settling in after their long ride home. The dogs slept...
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    2018 NY Chickenstock

    I might be interested ... as they sound like "eye candy" chickens! It's not like I need more, but I never know what'll come home with me.‍♀️ I usually end up with more than I went with, but some of my favorites have been from previous Chickenstocks!
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