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    Gender help with RIR and Blue Sapphires-all 17 wks

    Were they correct? I’m pretty much a newbie and I thought 7 might look like a rooster just because the comb looks bigger than the rest... again, I’m new so I’m curious! 😂
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    Plymouth Blue Rock/ Sapphire Gem??

    I know this is an older posts, but what do you mean when you say it almost always moults out?
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    Phoenix egg-laying info

    Did you ever find out? I received some chicks that were hatched on June 1st and I am curious. Thanks!
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    Multiple breed (4+) chicken keepers...Housing designs for hens & roosters

    Do you have any pictures? I live your ideas! Thanks for sharing!
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    Need Help Identifying New Chick

    It does look blue but I’ve looked at their site and can’t see anything that looks like it as far as chick pictures. There aren’t many pictures of their blue sapphires as babies so it might be that. Thanks for your help Will do! Thank!
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    Need Help Identifying New Chick

    I got a surprise chick yesterday from McMurray in with my order. Does anyone know what breed it is?
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    Red Star Rooster

    I’m new to chickens and especially breeding them. I bought straight run Red Stars... like I said, I’m new....😂 If I were to breed the rooster, how would he breed out? Also, if I were going to process him, what age is best? I’ve also NEVER processed a chicken before!😬
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    White faced black Spanish?

    What did it end up being?
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    My DIY incubator set-up, hatched 12/14.

    Thank you for this!! I think I would have been better off building my own! I’m very upset with the one I have now that I bought from tractor supply. I put 41 eggs in a couple months ago after spending well over $100 for them. Only 8 came out! I discovered the temperature was not consistent at...
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    Bunch of candling development pics!

    I hope that one made it!
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    Vinegar water in the incubator: update post

    That is cool to know! Do you use that on any of the other water? Like feeding animals or watering garden? Just curious...
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