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    Dixie Rainbows Thread

    Well, they are beautiful.
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    Hoover’s Mystic Onyx

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    2021 Chick Order

    You are really going to have a lovely flock.
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    Dixie Rainbows Thread

    They do look huge and pretty . Where did you get them?
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    Lavender Orpington Thread

    I am just following. I am not breeding.
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    C R Chicks- reviews?

    They sure do have a beautiful selection of English Orpingtons. Many in colors/varieties I have never heard of before.
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    Feeding egg shells resulted in chickens eating eggs

    I hope you find the egg eater.
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    ~What Breeds of Chickens are on your Want List?~

    My wish list would be excessively long!! But top of the list would be non hatchery olive eggers. Some really dark colors. Sagitta's because they should lay extra large eggs.
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    Doesn't look to me like there is any mention of ordering pullets so only straight run maybe. But it's not explained.
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    Blue Ameraucana/Cream Legbar Cross

    Those eggs are so beautiful.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    Wow. The one on the bottom right is my favorite of the box.
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    Chicken Math & Genetics Experiments in Southeast Missouri

    I get such a kick out of the ones with the black hairdo's!! I think they are adorable.
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    U S Postal Service Embargo thru Friday on chicks

    Thanks. I didn't see that post.
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    U S Postal Service Embargo thru Friday on chicks

    I get the Hooovers e-mail newsletter. Apparently Postal Service has cancelled shipment of chicks until after Friday February 26. Going to really mess up orders.
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