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    We have a ton of hawk pairs living in our backyard. At least 6-8 pairs of different variety hawks, red tail being the largest. I've seen a hawk swoop at my flock once, but they were under a thorn tree(we have them everywhere). The hawk could not get to them, so it left. Hawks are very...
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    Tips for mealworm farming?

    I must be doing something right. I've had the worms 1-2 weeks and look at all the pupa! There's got to be about 150-200 in there.
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    Tips for mealworm farming?

    I separated the pupa and the beetles.:) There's about 100 pupa just after a week. ;) Here's the aquarium I keep them in. I took this photo a couple days ago before separating the pupa and beetles.
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    Tips for mealworm farming?

    Oh, hubby says no way in heck that they are coming upstairs.:/. I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer for reproduction.
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    Tips for mealworm farming?

    I just put a nice thick blanket under the aquarium, so the aquarium is not directly on the floor. I have a few beetles already, so maybe I'll transfer them into a smaller container. The one thing I worry about is mold with the smaller container. I have plenty of food. I just checked and...
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    Tips for mealworm farming?

    This is my first go at it and I wonder if anyone has any tips? I currently have them in a 20 gal glass tank as the plastic bins were molding at the bottom after a few days. I stir it up daily to keep the air flow and I have no cover. In feeding fresh wheat bran, fresh rolled oats and...
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    NO Heat!

    I heat my coop. Not for my chickens, but for me.:). I use a radiator heater on the lowest setting and it keeps my coop between 55-60F. If the heater breaks, my husband will buy a new one. I sit with my chickens durning the day. I'm disabled with a neck injury and my chickens are my therapy...
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    Dogs? Good or bad?

    My husband loves cats. I grew up liking cats, but always living with dogs. Finally after 10 years of marriage my husband agreed to letting me bring a puppy home. Long story short, this puppy ended up being his and we added a second dog from a rescue the following year. My husband now is a...
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    How can you tell a dogs age?

    We've had our Aussie rescue for 3-4 years now. Her teeth for some odd reason are just as white as the day we got her. Good genetics I guess. Her nose wasn't fully darkened, that's how we figured her age. She came to us with a cow looking nose with the pink pigment covering 1/2 her nose and...
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    my chicken attacked by someone

    You can keep her alone, but depending on personality, she may get noisy wanting a buddy to be with. She won't die. Your hen might just be fine being alone. The best thing to do is put fertile eggs from buying them or someone giving you free fertilized eggs instead of her seeing a rooster...
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    What breed is right for me??

    I love my Rhode Island reds! I have 2 and a red sex link. All 3 lay nice eggs except my oldest RIR stopped laying at 2.5 years old. It's normal for them to stop laying like this. My RIR's have never molted either, which is strange to me. My others have molted every year.
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    What chicken coop?

    If your dad says no to building, both the run and coop size is important where I live since it snows and gets below freezing quite often. We do cover our run in plastic and let the chickens have access all winter long. If you don't have snow, I suggest the bigger run. Unless you can cover the...
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    What chicken coop?

    Good luck! I agree with building one! It's cheaper and sturdier! My husband built my coop on the weekends and it didn't take long at all. My coop is 12x5x9 inside our garage and our run is 22x5x5.5 along side the house. Most our coop funds went in the run. We were only going to have 2-3...
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    My disabled husband and I built our first (and only) coop.

    Congrats on your new coop! My husband built a coop for me. I'm also disabled from a neck injury. The chickens have kept me very busy. We were only going to have 2, but hubby built such a big coop and run that I had to fill it!LOL I do take 100% care of them. I wish I lived on a farm or...
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