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    Hen broke her upper beak back to the nares

    A quick update as I've been busy with work and trying to take care of my Rose... She has been drinking. They always have a large fill-type waterer up on a cement block and I've seen her drinking from that multiple times. So I'm confident she's keeping herself hydrated. The big problem is...
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    Hen broke her upper beak back to the nares

    No idea. She was fine last night in the coop and then I opened up the pop door this morning before work to let them out. There’s low light out now when I leave so most didn’t come out before I left. My wife went out mid morning to check their feed and give them some mealies and that’s when she...
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    Hen broke her upper beak back to the nares

    Thank you so much everyone for the many replies and advice. I got home from work today and right when she saw me she perked up, gave a little whine, and ran my way. So I sat down on our log and she hopped up on my lap like she always does and just went to sleep on my lap for a little bit, all...
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    Hen broke her upper beak back to the nares

    The avian vet is booked until 10/22. I assume the upper beak growing back is a lost cause. I have no intentions on culling…we’ll help feed her if we have to. But we feed wet mash already so hopefully she can learn to scoop her food. She’s starting to molt too so the poor girl is in a lot of...
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Still waiting for the ground to thaw fully here, but I have a honeycrisp apple tree and a half dozen pawpaws to plant. I have a bunch of tree seeds germinating in the fridge as well including american chestnut, allegheny chinkapin, shagbark hickory, black walnut, and blue oak.
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    Let's grow some sweet potatoes together this year! 🍠🍠🍠

    Anyone growing any of the hawaiian/okinawan purple flesh type with whitish skin? I’ve been looking for Becca’s purple as well.
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    Ideas for no waste chick feeders

    I’ve been using the planter drip trays for years as well. Eventually they break them apart, but they work pretty well otherwise.
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    Plants for new chicken coop

    I have bamboo growing in the run. I protect the new shoots when branching and leafing out I can give them access to the lower bamboo leaves to eat and they can go under for shade. My 5A zone limits the ability of the running bamboo to spread so if you’re in a 6 or higher zone you would probably...
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    What Breed of Chickens Do You Have?

    Currently... 2 Buff Orpingtons 2 NH Reds 2 Easter Eggers 2 Barred Rocks 2 Cream Legbars 2 Australorps 2 Salmon Faverolles 1 Lavender Orpington 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte 1 Blue Copper Marans 1 White Marans 1 Jubilee Orpington
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    I’m a bit worried... Will this be to small?

    As others have said, more roost space and more ventilation...even with the fact you’re in western WA. Space wise, I’ve got an 8x8 coop with 19! birds, but they are only in there to sleep and they have all gotten along well for years. I have 24ft of roost space so they have enough room to find a...
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    Georgia heat - worried

    My coop windows allow for those cheap window fans to fit perfectly snug without the side flaps attached. Then I close the top pane on top of it to hold them in place. We don’t get a lot of heat up here, but the forced air helps on those muggy nights. The front of my coop slopes to 8ft high and...
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    Dust bath

    Mine like to bathe in my garden beds when free ranging so I built them a “garden bed” in their run. They have a couple of big storage bins in the enclosed run during the winter that they use as well. I fill themup with top soil in the fall and by winter they’ve dried out enough to not freeze up...
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    I’ve been doing my run completely wrong!

    There’s lots of threads covering this topic over the past few weeks so I‘m sure you can find even more info and advice beyond the replies in this thread. I always recommend the coarse wood chips and the bonus is you can get them free from tree services or Chip Drop.
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    Coop location question from a soon-to-be chick mom.

    I’d probably lean #1 for shade looks like there’s some taller trees there on the south and west side of the circled area. That would block some of the colder westerly winds in the winter as well. Deciduous trees on tue south side would let some filtered light through to the coop and...
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    What type of window is best for a coop?

    I got a deal on them when I bought them years ago, but I used those inexpensive, small Project Source windows from Lowes...I think the 18x24 ones. They’re pretty well made for the money, although I see they’re up to $68 now online...over $25 more than what I paid...
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