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    Black pullet and golden/white hen?

    My sex links are my best layers!!!! I am not sure on your black one but the other one is a pullet.
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    hen waddling like a duck

    I wanted to add that this morning she laid another egg. She is some kind of laying machine right now. She is laying a egg in less than 24 hrs. Does this mean she might have been backed up?
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    hen waddling like a duck

    Up date for my mom's hen. She has now laid 3 eggs in 2 days. 2 of them today. She is holding her tail a bit up off the ground but is still waddling around. As long as she is laying that should mean that she is not egg bound right????
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    my RSL that is 28 weeks old finally is laying eggs!!!!!! So much for her reading the book that said she sould have started several weeks ago!!
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    Jasper and Jemima ??

    So sorry that you have my luck. You have 2 Jasper's there. I had a hen hatch out 4 cochin mixes and they all turned out to be roo's! It was a bummer.
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    Roo or pullet?

    I am going to also say Roo.
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    6 month old bantam cochins, haven't got an egg yet Another UPDATE!!!!

    Cochin breeds are slower to develop. Mine did not start until they were 8 months old.
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    Too Noisy! Can they be quieted?

    The older they get they will settle down. I LOVE it when my girls sing the egg song and make noise when I come out of my house!!!!
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    What to do with all my eggs??

    I cannot believe that you have chickens and you do not like to eat eggs. You can use them for baking, boil them for salads or just to feed back to your chickens. Sell them or give them to friends or neighbors. Good luck. I sooooooo love my eggs!!!
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    feeding pumpkin to chickens?

    My mom steams pumpkin for her birds all the time. They love it!! I do not have the time for that. My birds will pick at a raw one but they would like it better cooked.
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    My coop caught on fire!! *Pics added in Post 15*

    Quote: That is what I use in my coop. I use a 60 watt fluorescent bulb. It only comes on at 4am to 8am. I am sooooooo glad that your chickens are OK!!!
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    Wyandotte and sex-link?

    They look like EE's to me. The first one looks a little rooish to me.
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