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    I built this coop...we had 7+ hens in it and all I did was attach a long run to join our (then) two coops..worked well and is quite strong..has stood two years of Arizona heat, dust storms, weird wind and rain storms..we are building another coop and will abandon this one Due to last summers...
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    Sour crop & Monistat -- cream ok? or suppositories only?

    We lost our oldest hen today, she was hugging 5...called the crew in for night and Curious was a no show...found her by water trough just standing I picked her up without a feather flying..and her crop felt full so upside down she went and..EEWWWW..Really nasty goobers came...
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    Value in chicken coop height?

    I have a dog run I am going to use..I really like your coop deign. We are abandoning our coop that I built 3 yr ago due to a chicken tick problem, hence the dog run. Do you have plans for your coop? I need to use as little wood as possible and will probably use milk crates for nest boxes, but...
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    The Worst Predator

    Yes she can..keep,her warm put her with her flock when she starts to move about, fix her wounds so others won't pick at them..poor girl!
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    No problem as we aim to help each other I am getting the itch to build yet again..think my family will kill me
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    Comment by 'plm6846' in article 'by the night or week'

    Wow! I envy your skills! I love building coops and have built three, each better than the prior as I learn from my many errors Now I am down one coop and need to really make a run so my one coop can handle the 9 hens should be only 7 that are in there. A good run may help them stay away from...
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    My new coop is clean too. I haven't heard of DE whitewash..I did hear that rain neutralizes its effect, so maybe not a good idea..keep it as a powder. It helps with odor as well as aid in protecting the hens/Roos. Some folks just dust all their hens directly. Here in the desert we get very...
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    Oh you will see them! Grayish in color, stealthily crawling up the chickens will see them if you have them. Indications that you do have them is black on edges of roost where wood meets wood, any area within a foot of the roost may have black debris on the wood. This is old blood...
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    I did post my rather criptic experience here somewhere but I will try the shortened version. Our rather traumatic finding of chicken/fowel ticks began in June. At that time we had three coops and 21 hens one Roo. We lost 7 hens when our heat hit no we have never ever lost that many in our 4+...
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    Not a chicken tick if seen or felt during day...chicken ticks must return to wood like Dracula upon sunlight. Any other tick perhaps but not a chicken/fowel tick. Ticks on chickens arrive from wild birds that gift them with critters of the night. They do not randomly arrive during free...
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    Meal worms is all I can say Our hens are trained well..just rattle a plastic grocery bag and they all come running..toss into coop a few handfuls of meal worms and TADA chickens in and safe for night. This takes a few times, but that reward system has worked for all our hens, the younger ones...
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    Poultry ticks (Argas persicus) creepy coop ticks--check your crevices

    These ticks per my research must have wood to wood to go into. Something about their need to have this element to reproduce and lay eggs and keep their nasty bodies in top shape. There is nothing to say metal will harbor them only wood to wood.your perches, 2x4 with 2x4 on top, like door headers...
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    Poultry ticks (Argas persicus) creepy coop ticks--check your crevices

    I found recommendations for Orange Guard which is safe for chickens...then power wash, then spray again...didn't seem to work at we burned it coop Poultry protect spray almost nightly helped birds didn't stop ticks..they were still there! I finally went toxic and saturated...
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    keeping chickens cool in summer heat

    We lost 7 hens this summer and we have at least two months of heat to go! A string of 115+ days did our girls in for sure...we had ice in pans in runs, ice bottles added to their water buckets every day, free ranged them as often as we could and this year was our largest number loss! I really...
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    Comment by 'plm6846' in article 'Chill's Chicken Coop'

    I thought of the kennel conversion idea but ruled it out! You are way braver than I to tackle that one! Nice job!
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