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    Incubator Preference...I can’t decide!

    Yes thank you so much! I actually haven’t purchased one yet. We have one that was given to us by a friend but the only thing we’ve hatched with it is some duck eggs and the hatching rate was pretty low. I will certainly purchase NatureRight360 when I decide to hatch this spring! Thank you for...
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    Just amputated a chicken leg

    I just read all 16 pages as well and I am amazed! I had never even thought about the idea of amputating a chickens leg, and it being so successful! What a cool story! Pixar is so blessed to have been found by you!
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    Preventing Respiratory Disease

    Wait it out and see if any of the others come down with symptoms. You can always pay a little money to get them tested if you can narrow down what you think it is. I lost my flock to Infectious Coryza...I honestly regret culling my flock. I thought It was the best thing but now when I think back...
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    Hen exhibiting signs of Gapeworm

    I had a hen mid-summer of this year doing the same thing. She was gasping like awful and stretching out her neck when she did so. I’ve never had a hen act like that before. My hen, like yours, was eating fine and completely alert, however some days her gasping was so bad she could hardly breath...
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    egg stuck!

    Place her in some warm water, I fill a small storage tub with warm (not hot but not cold) water and place some epsom salt in it (regular salt will also do) place her inside and allow her to soak for around 15 minutes in a warm environment. You can also massage the abdomen. Most chickens like...
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    Rooster with really bad leg!

    I have had this happen before. If you can’t feel any broken bones or swelling, he may have sprained something deep inside the tissue, or pulled a muscle maybe? When one of my hens was limping badly I separated her and after a month or so she healed up just fine. She had a slight limp for awhile...
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    Polish Hen Struggling to Lay Her Eggs

    Hey! Yes, she is doing a lot better since I started giving them oyster shells in their diet. I mixed them with egg yolk and fed that to them for a couple of weeks. Then I started giving them livestock Diatomaceous earth with calcium. I found that at Rual King. She has been laying normally...
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    Do Polish chickens eyes Commonly look like this???

    I trim her crest feathers, however, they have a bad habit of rubbing their heads and crests against the cage run while waiting to be let out In the morning. I think that is why she has such bad feathers near her comb. She rubes them off. They also had lice not too long ago. I gave them a tea...
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    Do Polish chickens eyes Commonly look like this???

    Her eyes have also always had a darker, purplish color under them (like sleepy baggy eyes under a person). Also, I was holding up her crest to get the 1st and 3rd picture so you could see the upper part of her eye better as well. She has this “skin wrinkle” above her eye. I am guessing it’s...
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    Do Polish chickens eyes Commonly look like this???

    She has been like this almost all her life, ever since she got her full crest at about 2 months. I am new to raising crested chickens, so I was not sure if it was something to be concerned about. I just assumed it was normal due to their crests. I she was around that 2-month age when the weight...
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    Do Polish chickens eyes Commonly look like this???

    I never really thought about it until now, but is this how polish chickens eyes usually look? She can only open her eyes this much. All the polish in the pictures and other posts I’ve looked at seem to have perfectly round, alert looking eyes. However, this hens eyes have always been squinted...
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    Chicken got water up her ear. Will this cause problems?

    I was giving my polish hens a vinegar salt bath to kill their lice. One hen kept trying to put her head under the water. I was able to keep her entire head from submerging until the very end. I was about to get her out when she dunked her ENTIRE head way under the water, attempting to walk...
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    Bloated Abdomen in Chicken

    Could she be egg bound?
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    Egg bound hen: is there anything else I can do?

    Poor thing! I had an egg bound hen not to long ago. She almost died, but she was able to pass the egg after a long warm bath and gentle massaging. I’d think the calcium the vet gave your girl will start to help soon. Hopefully she will be able to pass it. Perhaps she just needs to be set in a...
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    HELP! Polish hen acting suddenly lethargic, wings dropping, can’t stand, panting, and white diarrhea coming out of vent!

    I have some amoxicillin that is for small children, so it would not be too strong for her I would think. I may give her some of that, and hopefully it would help.
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