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    Ha Test

    Testing Ha
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    It Doesn't Matter what we do
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    Do chicks fly into each other on purpose?

    They are testin the level...chest bump, back peck, stare...
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    It Doesn't Matter

    Chickens are Chickens
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    Abrupt end to post

    Quote: Have noticed the...
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    Free range: what's your definition?

    My definition of free is "open the gate"
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    100 degrees for two weeks

    I'm not complaining, water, feed, water
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    Sources of Calcium?

    Quote: Thank You!
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    Sources of Calcium?

    Quote: Wood ash is full of carcinogens. It's best not to be exposed to it at all Hey Bear Foot - I don't know where you get your information from - but what you stated is incorrect - google 'carcinogens in wood ashes' - and see what is said - I put wood ashes in my garden all the time - in...
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    Sources of Calcium?

    crickets? I have seen plenty of post for calcium,,,why not just a chopped up eggshell?
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    Any reason to avoid hand-feeding?

    Have fun! Please watch what we feed them tho.
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    Orpington...Pullet or Cockerel??

    Quote: sound like something my grandma would have said...good!
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    Please help first-timer!! Buff orp hens?

    Quote: Roos lol, don't thank me, thank moderation
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