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    Impacted or sour crop?

    I haven't dealt with sour crop before but I've heard giving plain yogurt with the electrolytes still in it could help, and even if it's not sour crop it shouldn't hurt her. If it's impacted crop, messaging it is good and even getting her to drink some olive oil or coconut oil could help loosen...
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    Hawk attack just now. Need help.

    It sounds like you're doing good, I would keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't start to look infected. Keep it clean and do your best to not let her peck at her injury. If it's deep you could us NewSkin to help it heal faster. I don't think she'll need aspirin personally, but I don't know...
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    It weakens them, weakens their immune system and makes them anemic, which can make them susceptible to other infections and diseases. But otherwise I don't really know what else they may cause.
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    Sick duck? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Make sure they're getting enough niacin. It's very important for ducks and there isn't much in chick feed. Brewer's Yeast has some in it, and you can supplement it, too. I don't know if there was an underlying cause, though. I'm gonna tag @Miss Lydia
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    Also, to help prevent more parasites like mites and lice, letting them dust bathe is great! If there isn't dirt around, you can make an area with sand, charcoal, dirt, and DE.
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    Help sick young rooster! Antibiotics arnt helping!

    I mix the powder in their water, 1 teaspoon per gallon.
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    Wheezing, difficulty walking and swollen abdomen, please help me heal my baby

    I'm so glad to hear that! I'm also happy to hear you're using some natural methods! Thank you!:celebrate
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    Desperatly Need Help- Lash Egg Stuck to Vent

    I am so sorry! It's always hard to lose a pet, especially when they're like family. :hit She's a beauty, she's got the personality of my BR's too:D
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    Desperatly Need Help- Lash Egg Stuck to Vent

    I'm so sorry to hear this:(I hope she'll be able to pass it on her own and surprise us all. I wish you and your girl the best of luck!:fl:hugs
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    Hen is Lethargic and Not Eating, Crop Issue or More Going On?

    I'm glad to hear that! Awe poor thing, that's always a hard part about isolation. One time, I had a girl who couldn't go back into either coop I had at the time, so she became our loner, and she loved it. She just free ranged all the time and then came back to her pen at nighttime. As long as...
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    It doesn't look too bad. If you feel more comfortable you could put the hobbles on him/her, but otherwise I would just keep a close eye on 'em. Also, you can put electrolytes in their water for added vitamins to strengthen them.:thumbsup Good luck!
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    Help sick young rooster! Antibiotics arnt helping!

    :hmm If you give him Oxytetracycline, even if he doesn't have MG, it helps with many other things so it might not hurt to give him it.
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    Injured/Disabled Chicken

    Could you post a video of her trying to walk/stand on her own maybe?
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