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    Turkey poult with bad leg, is there anything I can do??

    I have 6 turkey poults (3 1/2 weeks old) from Murray McMurray. this afternoon we noticed that one of them is holding its leg up and out to the side. Its joint on that leg is twice the size of the other leg. It can grasp with the toes but dosent want to keep weight on it. We are brand new to...
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    New goslings what have we got?

    I'd like to know what breed they are so i can research the breed.. I adore these little guys! they came as part of a Murray Mcmurray collection
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    2013 Spring Seed Swap

    Yay! my seeds came too - waiting out the snow but so excited to get the seedlings going!
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    WTH is wrong with TSC? Chick purchasing nightmare.

    The one in the back with the black around it's eye is Patch :-) we are pretty sure it is going to be a black white crested polish I am super excited to see what the bantams grow up to be
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    Feeding a mixed flock

    We will be doing turkeys for the first time this year so i was full of questions also. A good family friend has been doing a mixed Turkey and Chicken flock for years and uses the game bird starter for the turkeys in the begining then flock raiser for everyone with free choice oyster shell for...
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    Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

    This is such an amazing story! spent the better part of 2 nights catching up LOL
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    Post pics of your chicks thread!!!

    Ooops hit enter too soon here are the Broodie hatched chicks
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    Post pics of your chicks thread!!!

    These are the TSC chicks ^^^ below are the chicks hatched by our broodies :-)
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    What type of bantam?

    OH those are sharp looking! i think you may have solved my mystery :-)
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    What type of bantam?

    Yep hdowden thats what i'm running into too ...the red/bronze color on the head is throwing me off. The Grey is a very soft almost dove grey everywhere except the head...i've been looking all over the different sites and haven't seen a bird yet that looks like this little one
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