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    Marek's? Need help!

    Eggcessive, she is (I think) showing signs of pain. She will try to go over backward, which is the same thing our other Marek's baby did. Sometimes her head will go forward as if she can't keep it up. When she cried when I lifted her, I realized she needed more than aspirin. I web-searched for...
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    Marek's? Need help!

    Update: I am following your instructions to the letter, Eggcessive. She is still very wobbly and stumbling most of the time, but can get around. Takes a while to get her to eat. So far, it's scrambled eggs, grapes, tuna and cat food. She won't eat anything with chicken feed in it. But at least...
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    Marek's? Need help!

    Thank you so much for your input, Eggcessive! She is worse today. Stumbling around and falling, and not balanced enough to eat or drink on her own. Didn't even try. I held her and fed her scrambled eggs with cottage cheese and canned cat food. She did eat, but now her head will occasionally go...
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    Marek's? Need help!

    We lost a pullet to what I think was Marek's last October, so it's been ten months. My four remaining chickens have been fine. The one in question is a year and a half old now, and I noticed symptoms that look neurological to me this morning. Not limping like the one we lost did initially, but...
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    Toenail ripped off, swollen toe

    Thank you, Perris! Went out this morning to feed, and her toe is still a little swollen, but looking SO MUCH better! She is no longer limping! I am AMAZED at how stoic and resilient chickens are!
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    Toenail ripped off, swollen toe

    I got the scare of my life today when one of my bantam cochins began limping. I lost my dear Silky to Marek's last October, and I thought it had come back. My heart was broken. But I picked her up and looked at her left foot. The toe is completely missing and her actual toe is swollen a bit. I...
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    HELP! Reaction to Adams flea spray???

    I sprayed all four of my bantams yesterday with Adams. I sprayed them well, and they were damp when I was done. This morning, the cochins are acting neurological IMO. Tripping over their dishes (although not excessively) and one ran into the side of the cage three times. The Sizzle might be...
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    3 1/2 months

    Me too.
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    My chicken sounds like a kazoo!

    I'm not kidding. One of my bantam cochins is making a sound today that I've never heard a chicken make. Like a kazoo or a kid learning to play the trumpet is the closest I can get to describing it. She is acting totally fine, eating, drinking, pooping normally. And I checked to be sure it's not...
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    Mottled Cochin Gender?

    Got Peabody from a breeder. She's almost a year old now, so I was thinking maybe she won't get any whiter. I will be sure to post another pic after she molts! By the way, she laid her first egg yesterday! Her sister did too, both on the same day, which I found interesting.
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    Silkie friend & Seramas.

    I tell everyone who will listen how great Seramas are! I got my hen at 2 yrs. of age, and she's friendly with all other chickens as well as people. SUPER sweet. I don't know if all Seramas are like this, but I've heard they are. Mine never gives me a moment's trouble, and she's as cute as you...
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    Mottled Cochin Gender?

    So she DID turn out to be a girl after all! I'm glad for you. Funny thing, my 10 month old bantam cochin pecks at me too. Much like a roo would. Not hard, but more like, "pick me up! Pay attention to me!" She's the only one I can pick up without having to chase, or at least follow for a few...
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    Young Silkie, possible leg issues.

    With the way you describe his legs, it does sound like possible Marek's. Both my pullet's legs were paralyzed (after a few days to a week of limping and not being coordinated any longer). They both stuck out in front. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope it's just as vitamin deficiency for your baby.
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    New Chicken Papa

    Yes, at least you have some time. My cockerel got hormonal at three months of age, so you don't have to worry about it for a while yet.
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    Alfalfa cubes

    I have two horses, once of which is old (34) and he gets #1 alfalfa that has been wet down. He gets nutrition from the leaves, as well as his substantial senior feed. (Man, it's expensive to feed him!) and I put half a flake of his alfalfa in with my four hens once or twice a week. They love...
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