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    What breeds should I get?

    If you get all those hens your eggs will be more colorful than mine..🥰
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    This is our coop brfore the addition. Made from palets and a few pieces of particle board. Learning as we go of course.

    That was our first lil roost when they where babies.. believe it or not the babies really liked it . It was screwed to the floor so they coupdnt tip over.. i will post the new addition pics later tonight or tomorrow.
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    Did someone say hens ?

    The chickens absolutely love it! We have placed some of them up by the road .. people really like them. My husband makes them for me.. he builds all kinds of things for me. Thats love.
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    Did someone say hens ?

    Our new picnic table is a big hit.. especially when it has mill worms on it 😂
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    Did someone say hens ?

    This is Red 2 he is one of our most colorful roosters.
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