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    Idea for keeping chickens COOL in outrageous HEAT!! Update w/ PICTURE!

    I am definitely setting up a cool room today, thanks for the idea. And here's a bonus: All that old shredded zuccini you saved last year in the freezer to make something with? Since it is almost time to put in the new excess zuc, thow it in the coop for chick-cicles. Mine love it.
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    Newbie in PA says Hello everyone!

    Agreed. Just a little slow on the learning curve... this whole teknolgy thang:P
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    16 Hours!!! CHICKENSTOCK - Berks Co PA 7/18 **photos**

    I hope I can make it, I'll keep watching the forum. I am about 2 hours from lebanon, The pittsburghers will go right by me, lets convoy!!
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    Newbie in PA says Hello everyone!

    Good morning all. Thanks for saying Hi! By the way, the roo in the avater is Edward. and yess, we have a Bella...if you have any teen daughters you know where that came from! haha
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    Newbie in PA says Hello everyone!

    Finally signed up, been watching for a while. New to Chicks this spring, always wanted then since the old days on the farm growing up (tear) sniff. I love the birds and my kids (11 and 5) do too. Still learning but so far so good. Even traded a couple of mean hens for some straw to a local...
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