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    Limewash is growing mold?

    Yes, that's a real possibility. It rained a lot this summer as we were building. We did our best to cover it, but I'm sure it was still exposed to moisture. The thing that is confusing to me is that the areas I didn't limewash (ceiling joists, door frame) don't have a speck of mold on them...
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    Limewash is growing mold?

    Hello, My husband and I finished building our first coop about 6 weeks ago. We live in Atlanta, where it can be very humid, but the last month or so humidity has been very low. I whitewashed/limewashed the inside of the coop with hydrated lime at the beginning of September. I noticed...
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    Breathing with mouth open

    Hi - I'm new to keeping chickens, so I'm full of questions and panic easily when I think something is wrong. I don't necessarily think anything is wrong, but I am seeing something new today. I have 13 chickens (11 weeks old). Half of them are breathing with their mouth open today. It's on...
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    Hello, happy to be here

    Hi, I'm a new chicken mom and looking forward to this new adventure. I have wanted chickens for at least 10 years, but I never made the leap until my 10yo daughter started asking about chickens at the beginning of the pandemic. I enjoy city living, but backyard chickens are popular in my town...
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