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    Hi. I saw that you mentioned treating scaly leg mites with Pour-On Ivomectin, My shipment of...

    Hi. I saw that you mentioned treating scaly leg mites with Pour-On Ivomectin, My shipment of it came today and wonder if you would mind sharing how you go about it, dosage, etc.
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    Ascites caused by too much protein in laying pellets?

    Several months ago one of my FBCM hens, about 3 years old, developed Ascites. I extracted fluid a few times and then one day noticed that she had fly strike, so we ended her suffering that day. My remaining FBCM hen now has it and I am having a difficult time getting any fluid out. I have two...
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    Comment by 'Stumpy' in article 'Kuini's Castle'

    What a wonderful run!
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    It would be about a six-hour round trip for me.
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    1kluckychik, thanks for your response. Chicks would be fine, but Skipperville is too far for me to drive, unfortunately. :-)
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    Wisher1000, I have two hens and a rooster from that hen. I am trying to think back -- I think you gave me one or two hens and I had a broody hen at the time maybe, put some eggs under her.
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    I am searching for Cream Legbar or Sussex pullets in the Tuscaloosa area. Anyone?
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    Cream Legbar chicks in west Alabama or east Mississippi?

    Does anyone know of a breeder? I am not interested in breeding, just getting some nice blue eggs from healthy hens.
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    Valbazen dosage for tiny 8 oz. chicken?

    I am trying to help a friend who has the tiniest hen I've ever seen -- weighs 8 oz. She has been losing weight, becoming listless, etc. and does not have mites or lice, has never been wormed. I've read that Valbazen is considered very safe, but I want to be very careful. Can someone give me...
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    Comment by 'Stumpy' in article 'Ariannas Chicken Coop'

    This is the ultimate, something to aspire to! Like a Taj Mahal compound.
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    Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door - Excellent Quality

    I think you could make it work for your plastic coop. You might need to make a little mini frame on the inside to support it, having the frame sides go to the floor of the coop for extra stability.
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    Pictures of your home-made coops and runs!

    DHALLEN, love that coop. It looks great -- including the curtains and window box.
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