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    BIN Midget White Turkey Hatching Eggs

    Do you have eggs available currently? Or have the broodies stopped laying and begun
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    Solved the feeder waste issue!!

    I've been keeping chickens since 2009, and had just learned to accept feeder waste. Other than one homemade bucket feeder (which allows for very little waste due to how deep the dish part is), I've always used the store-bought red/white gravity feeders, and have often wondered WHY they make the...
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    Comment by 'teach1rusl' in article 'Fireguy56s Chicken Coop'

    You did such a fantastic job on this project! I love everything about it - nice craftsmanship, secure, attractive, spacious...what more could a chicken (or chicken keeper) ask for? Pet chickens make a relaxing, fun hobby, and no hobby comes without a price tag...worth every penny! :-)
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    Thanks to all the contributors

    Ours Yeah, that's our "big girl" run - it's 6 ft. tall. We have two other coops/runs as well - all the runs are "people sized" lol!
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    Concrete run

    I'd leave the concrete, but maybe box in the base of the run with 2x6s - fill about halfway with coarse sand (can get for about $20-25 per ton in my area). This will allow them to scratch around in something, and it's pretty easy to keep clean - can scoop/rake like a litter box weekly. Mix DE...
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    Summer roost in covered run?

    Mine have roosted out in the run on really hot nights. However, you'd best make sure the run is extremely secure!! And if the roost is within 18" of the a side wall or wire ceiling, make sure there is a layer of hw cloth in that area to prevent potential reach-ins. If your coop doesn't...
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    Trio of Bullies

    Things you can put in the run are large branch sections, stumps, wooden chairs (any chair really - just thinking of aesthetics), wooden crates, straw bales - really just a few things to break up the space a bit. Think of your house being one big room rather than a living room, dining room, tv...
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    Trio of Bullies

    Are they making her bleed, or just chasing/pecking a little?? Do they allow her to roost with them? One thing you can do is make sure there are plenty of obstacles out in the run - places that block line of sight and give her places to get away to. If you crated the ring leader, would...
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    Pecked chickens attacking other chicken

    How old are they all?? They may just be getting to the age where they're redoing the pecking order. Are they making her bleed, or just pecking/chasing a little bit?? They're not cornering her and attacking her???
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    Congestion and sneezing in cockerel

    I am a fan of Tylan 50, but have only given it through three days of injections. Tractor supply sells needles/syringes. If you go that route, use the smallest needle they sell (higher the number means smaller the needle). A full sized bird could have 1/2cc - inject into the breast muscle...
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    I found a chicken sitting on eggs and I don't know what to do for her

    Is the storage shed on your property??? If so, can you close the door at night and open it during the day? I would worry that a raccoon might get her at night. You can buy her regular chicken food (chick food would even be okay - and that way the chicks could eat it after they hatch) from...
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    this plastic box as a brooder for 9 chicks??

    x2 9 chicks will crowd that space really quickly!! You MIGHT make it last for 2 weeks, but may need to move them out sooner. Newspaper can be slick-ish...bedding is better.
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    What do you put in your coop utility /feed room?

    Wow! A sink and small fridge!! That sounds fancy! Is that for the cold beer? LOL!! Metal trash cans work well for keeping mice out of feed. I don't have that kind of coop set-up, be we do have a "hay storage room" in our alpaca barn. We use a small chest freezer (got for $20 -...
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    Thanks to all the contributors

    Yes - we all love pictures!! We all "steal" bits and pieces (ideas) from seeing all the different types of coops out there
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