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    Egg Size affect Chick Size?

    Recently I had a broody hen setting on eggs. Any way eggs got moved to incubator to hatch. I didn't pick the eggs she was sitting on and some are small eggs but came from standard size hens. Although they are Danish Brown Leghorn eggs that kind of run small anyway. But the question is one of...
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    Crazy Broody Hen?

    Update: up to five chicks now alive and kicking in the brooder. The incubator I got is doing an amazing job on the remaining eggs! Still got about 7 eggs left to go!
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    Crazy Broody Hen?

    Yes she is in the lower rankings of the flock because of the fact she is the youngest in the flock!
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    Crazy Broody Hen?

    Recently I had a hen I hatched from an incubator not too long ago go broody. She decided she wanted to be a mom. I thought now that's cool! So I gave her a half dozen eggs to sit on in the main coop! (1st mistake) did not Mark the eggs (2nd mistake) lot of laying hens in same coop. So I let her...
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    You are definitely correct. Fatigue is definitely my biggest issue right now! Thanks for the advice, I definitely have to take it a lot easier and more frequent breaks. I appreciate you, thanks so much!
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    Hello all my friends! I have been gone a little while. I have been in a way incapacitated. I am 53 years old and had a mild Stroke recently. I am recovering a doing pretty well now. Lord knows it was a scary situation. But on the good side of things my girls are getting me strong again and...
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    Didn't want to!

    I have had this rooster about 2 years now and I tried every trick in all the books. He would do better for a little while but always went back to his bad ways. He was such a beautiful rooster but mean as the devil. I gave him all the chances I could. He actually cut me pretty bad yesterday. So I...
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    I have been raising chickens since I was a kid and love helping others learn about this and the...

    I have been raising chickens since I was a kid and love helping others learn about this and the joy they can bring you!
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    Didn't want to!

    Today was a sad day for me. I have had a new Easter egger rooster for about 2 years that was given to me. That rooster has always been very aggressive to my wife so I kept him isolated, But today he was acting like he didn't feel good so I went in to check on him. Then all of a sudden he...
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    It Has Been A Tough Summer

    The mister idea is the way to go. It's been over a 100 for 16 days and counting. 4 days since installing the mister and my girls are not panting and stressed at all. Suggestion though: If you buy a misting system and it has plastic mister heads on it, I recommend going to Lowe's or Home Depot...
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    It Has Been A Tough Summer

    Update: Today I installed a mister in the coop. I can tell you right away the flocks loved it. I installed it on a bar that runs between both coops. The hens and roosters seemed to really enjoy the day even though it was 104. I was happy to see them happy and my work paid off.:wee:yesss:
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    Peep, peep, peep, cluck? Get that?

    Howdy from Texas, Troy! So glad you joined us and welcome to the flock. Thanks for your kind comments. We will be glad to help all we can and look forward to hearing any help you are willing to contribute. Pull up a chair and stay a while! :welcome:caf
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    Hi, I am new to BYC

    Howdy from Texas and welcome to the BYC! So glad you joined our flock!:welcome:caf
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    Howdy from Texas!:frow Welcome to the BYC!:welcome. Hope you find all the information you need here, if not just ask we will be glad to assist you where we can. I am sure one of our fine members will have the answer you need. Now the dog issue. I have had a problem with this and will let you...
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    Howdy Will! Welcome to our flock! We are all chicken enthusiast and will be glad to help if you ever need it!:welcome:jumpy:frow
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