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    Rotten egg

    Are these chicken eggs on day 20? If so I would just leave them at this point as if they're viable they will be hatching within next 24 hrs. And, more than likely with being this far along the last day isn't gonna make a difference as far as contamination. If its made it tgru the shell whats...
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    First time incubating duck eggs, Help!

    Sounds like you might end up becoming a victim of duck math! Plenty of support(enablers) here for that I am a victim myself have 14 ducks now and am adding another breed this spring.
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    Just wanted to let you know so you could tell your daughter that we had a lil chick hatch...

    Just wanted to let you know so you could tell your daughter that we had a lil chick hatch yesterday from her EE roo and my dark Brahma Hen. It's the cutest Lil thing
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    Excellent post @Hen Pen Jem
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    Tell me how long please?

    Mine vary as well...some like to hang out in there and make the nest beautiful and perfect as they sit and some run in there like they just can't hold it anymore and plop em out. And others that will sit there after dropping one til they get bored or hear someone outside just having too much fun...
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    If ya can get her to let you soak the foot in epsom salt before trying to remove the scab it helps to soften and loosen it. Wear gloves! This is almost always staph bacteria and you don't want it getting into any scrapes cuts or cracks you may have on your hands. There will be a hard core in...
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    Hen needs a helmet!

    You could try putting in another nest box in and placing an egg in each one to encourage them to use different boxes. I have some that will only lay in one nest box and some that will use anything that has an egg in it already.
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    Picking up chicks in an hour!

    So glad you're here! Looks like you're ready to start enjoying chicken motherhood!
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    First time incubating duck eggs, Help!

    Yay! New babies are awesome! You did wonderful on your first hatch
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    Blue sex link

    If ya still want blue sex links Hoover's hatchery has them. They're called Sapphire Gems there.
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    First time incubating duck eggs, Help!

    Yes, I was only stating the possibility of duckling getting stuck in egg. You are completely right and I agree.
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    First time incubating duck eggs, Help!

    Was the mark or vein looking thing on the egg possibly a crack or external pip? That maybe the cause of your humidity fluctuations and if so, you do not wanna open the incubator...that is very important. If you open it during hatch it could cause them to be unable to hatch and possibly die.
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    First time incubating duck eggs, Help!

    Sounds to me like you are doing ok if you have movement and peeps. Just keep in lockdown and eggs take much more patience than chicken eggs...they can be 24 hours or more from internal pip to external pip. It definitely requires patience and can cause much anxiety waiting, especially...
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    Mean vs nice roosters

    I have 6 roos currently and all of them are good guys...I've had a couple experience with mean ones, but they were ones I didn't raise. I believe a lot of it has to do with that. The worst one I had was human aggressive and not very nice to his girls either so needless to say he went to freezer...
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    OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!

    There's a couple in Batavia One is Clermont Animal Hosp. And All creatures is other. Loveland, which is partly in Clermont has Petcare that treats birds as well. Dr. Dahlhausen in Amelia also treats birds
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