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    **FREE**Gorgeous Bantam Red Cochin in Lawrence, KS - 17 weeks

    Oh LOL! I was wonderin about that town (ya gotta humor me sometimes, I can be slow ) LOL You sound like my grandma, when I went over to her place to see how she was doin she was so excited about lettin her new little white silkies out, we sat there in her yard and watched 'em for hours LOL...
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    we have WAY too many roosters, which to take first?

    Keep the strongest, like other folks said, make sure he aint mean towards folks. Mean chickens go real good with mashed potatoes and gravy LOL.
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    Random Chicken Facts!

    If no rooster is present, the dominant hen will sometimes start crowin and actin "roo-ish."
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    Cat has loose tooth. Suggestions?

    Pull it. I know when I got a tooth half knocked out one time it hurt so bad I couldn't wait to pull it just to get it to quit. It worked LOL. Aint nothin worse than a tooth ache... or a back ache.
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    **FREE**Gorgeous Bantam Red Cochin in Lawrence, KS - 17 weeks

    I dont know where Larry, KS is but I'd take him if yall was closer... My grandma LOVES anything "fluffly" (cochins, frizzles, silkies, etc) so I always try to find fluffy birds for her LOL... Its neat how many differant kinds of chickens are out there I didn't even know existed til she decided...
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    Can I eat guinea eggs?

    Quote: LOL Yeah, they are pretty tough.
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    Can I eat guinea eggs?

    Well of course! There good. Also, I like guinnea meat even better than chicken... Try it, you'll like it!
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    Most humane way to cull

    Ya dont just tap the neck gently outta place, ya about pull its head off. If its still alive after ya break its neck then ya didnt do it right, you do that really hard and quick. I think humans and our bodie's are a little differant than a chicken's, huh? Stop tryin to make everything sound...
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    Wanted: Guineas

    Well, if you was closer, I'd get ya some, have about 20.
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    Would you say chickens are smart?

    Depends on what ya compare 'em to...
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    Wanted: Guineas

    Try craigslist, folks go crazy on that board tryin to sell ya stuff LOL.
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    Help! A skunk has moved in!

    Find someone who can shoot and get him (the skunk LOL) in the lungs/heart, not the spine or head, that might help keep him from stinkin (although it dont always.)
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    What Breed or Gender section

    That'd be pretty good... A lot of times folks show ya a tiny photo of a bird a half-mile off and say "What is it?!" I think this'd be helpful to everybody involved LOL.
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    Quote: They're sold out because of all the conversations like this one going on all over the nation.. Quote: Calling people stupid will probably get you banned, but I don't mind. I've been called worse. LOL Sorry bout that man, I tend to get somewhat... carried away sometimes...
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