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    Electric poultry netting/fencing?

    Wouldn't have living chickens if I didn't have a very high poultry net and deer fence from Premier 1, awesome stuff. The very tall net they offer keeps in all but the flightiest of birds, I use a 30 inch net around the coop, a tall net outer net. I had to shift to an interior net as well to...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    You usually don't have to worry about opening it a couple of times for issues like this. Should be fine. On another topic I use about 1/4 tsp. or less in 2-3 OUNCES of water. Greater concentrations in hatchlings and newborns can cause diarrhea. Not the way you want to go in an emergency. I...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    When I pull out his sleeping bag now he lifts his head and goes for the syringe himself. I think he'll make it if it doesn't infect.
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    The natural way

    I have a (work in progress) flock of 10 silkie/cochin/easter Eggers. So far four have gone broody in the last month. Four. One is certifiably insane and keeps trying to steal more eggs. I'm shoving every last, oops the hen did it wrong chick -That I had to hatch, under her tomorrow night. There...
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    Dry incubation.

    Since I'm generally only hatching abandoned eggs, left in nests partially or nearly totally at hatch point, I'm going to admit to never messing with humidity, gasp, opening the incubator during "lockdown" often, because they hatch days apart.And yes, I get some shrink wrapped chicks but I can...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    Molasses does provide the same carb bump that sugar water does but also provides some vitamins and minerals that are useful in recovering an animal. I've done rescue/rehab of many species over the last 30 years and found that a mild molasses mix works more swiftly. I get a much stronger bounce...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    Considering that he is the only chick I incubated from that hen, I would prefer he make it. Hydrating him slowly with a syringe and water with molasses, while he hangs out in a homemade sleeping bag, so I can mess with him without panic and heat loss. He'said begun to peck at the bag as if it...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    Omg. Please try to see through the auto-correct "help".
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    Hands on hatching and help

    Hi all. Just wanted to drop in and read along for a bit. I can offer today another reason to help out. And options for what can be done to save a chick in this situation. After final candling,I had marked the one that would hatch first. This was a staggered hatch, so each was individually marked...
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    Available in Southern MD, several started brown or colored egg layers, 12-18 weeks. Buff orps, Rir mixes or sex links, two buff brahmas, some Silkie Cochin EE mixes. F2s. Blue black splash or a partridge variant common to EEs. No sizzled, Silkie or smooth feathered. Available to BYC members at...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    I use reptile heat mats and where I am drying chicks a ceramic reptile heat bulb, I use a reptiherm thermostat with the sensor right under the bulb to prevent over heating. Ceramic heating bulbs were created to be safer, not as subject to burning things down. And they're more moisture...
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    Dry or Wet Incubation

    I have been hatching since 2007, in commercial foam incubators, handmade foam incubators, a wooden leahy, handmade mini fridge incubators, and a Brinsea. I've done it in TN on my deck, in Virginia in the house, in MD in the house. Microclimates affect the need for humidity or not. In general I...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    They adorable, the egg I cracked produced one of those, darker blue though, bred to blue. Cute buggers. This week's hatch prodced a black, a blue silkie mix, a partridge cochin, a blue/lav orp mix, and a sizzle. Nearly all hatched a day apart w me opening the incubator to take out chicks to...
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    Hands on hatching and help

    I get my reptile supplies ( incubators,parts, heat tape and heat mats , thermostats from Big Apple Herp online. Their products are well vetted and chosen for reliability. I also like that many reptile products are humidity or even water resistant . That's just that much safer. I use a reptile...
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