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    At what temp do I close the coop door?

    I live NE Wisconsin. Temps now teen's but soon will be -20*F. I have 8 gals in my coop & they are comfortable. I do close things up when below zero & blizzard! They are waiting for me to open the door AM, can't wait to get out. But make an about face when they see White & wind. Don't worry to...
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    Fencing Issue

    You can do the same with wood. Use treated 2x3's & cut out the 2x3 to fit around the wood post about 6" down from the top & toe nail ( or use screws) & anchor the bottom against the T-post.
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    Fencing Issue

    What a great ideal, I've been making fence for 60 yrs. & never seen anything like "Wedge-Loc" I use T post also. No need for wood post
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    Fencing Issue

    I also live on land with little to none soil exposed. You do not have to be (2') in the ground. Set your corner post and use angle brace to secure the post. Do you know what I mean? I don't know the fence builders term for the angle brace.
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    Comment by 'Wallygators' in article 'How To Fix A Muddy Run Chicken Coop'

    Do not use pea gravel or crushed stone in your run. Chickens love to scratch for bugs. The stones are hard on the feet. Some of mine have no toenails!!!
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    20% all flock feed

    I buy all my feed at our local Mills Fleet Farm. I feed daily Sprout 16% Poultry Layer($12.00) & Sprout 18% All Flock($14.00) & Sprout Scratch Grain($12.00) & Sprout Cracked Corn($8.00). Every mourning I dump out left overs in the run & refill containers with fresh feed. Have been doing this...
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    I have rat traps inside bigger raccoon live traps so my girls don't get in the traps. I have snap traps & live box traps for mice set year round to control rodents. It works for me. I also have a Game Camera set up to monitor activity around my coop at night when the chickens are in the coop.
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    When I was a kid on the farm, we were overrun with rats. 100's My dad would find the holes where they hide during the day. Plug all the holes except one. Take any engine, bigger the better, connect a hose (metal) to the exhaust & stick other end down the hole. Run engine for an hour...
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    panicking - Winter Storm Coming!

    I have 8 chickens. Get 6 eggs daily. No heat, electricity in the winter to keep water from freezing. And I have a small florescent bulb on 24/7. Been raising chickens for 10 years in Wisconsin winters -20 degrees. My coop has a wood floor. I use finely chopped straw & shredded yard leafs for...
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    Backyard Pole Light

    I have a small fluorescent light in my coop, during the dark days of winter. I have for 10 years & no problems.
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    Will they start laying in the Winter?

    I do add a small wattage fluorescent light now when the daylight hours are shorter. When I visit them before and after daylight I can visit with them and tell them to give me eggs!!!!HaHa
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    Will they start laying in the Winter?

    I live in WI. temps below freezing. My new girls are 5 months old & starting to lay eggs.
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    Chicken hawk

    I have had hawk attacks & the birds run in the coop & hide in a corner. They will come out to eat & drink, in couple hours. I seen in my notes Nov. 7,2018 our rooster Victor saved his girls as he was attacked. Sad time. I posted a pic. Victor
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    I've seen post saying to have a rooster to protect the flock. Well I just seen in my notes that on Nov. 7,2018 I lost our big tough Victor to a Red-tailed hawk. I'm sure he took on the hawk so the others could run in the coop. I posted a pic. of Victor.
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    Disappeared without a trace

    Is your 24x8 run covered? If not get it covered to protect the others, cause the hawk will be back! I also live out in the country, so always be cautious of predators.
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