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    Why dont they Eat?

    I am curious about this too, so I'm bumping your post..!
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    Pasty butt??????

    2 of my silkies had pasty butt. I would run their bottoms under luke warm water until the poop was moist enough to wipe off with light rubbing. I used wet paper towels to wipe with too!
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    Introducing new chickens to a flock?

    Quote: Awesome thanks for the advice! I Have 2 new chicks to introduce but will follow your advice and hopefully here in a month i will have a pair of older Cochin to introduce also 
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    Introducing new chickens to a flock?

    So what happens if one of my hens goes broody on some of her eggs and they hatch, will the other hens attack the babies?
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    Introducing new chickens to a flock?

    Is it easier to introduce new chickens to a flock when they are just out of brooder stage or adult chickens?
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    ~Splash Cochin pair (Pet Quality)~ NPIP

    Quote: Yes I know you ship :0) That would be a long trip for them though!
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    ~Splash Cochin pair (Pet Quality)~ NPIP

    Wish you lived a little closer to California..! Im looking to breed Cochin Chickens Especially splash :o}
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    Whats the difference?

    Ok thats what I was thinking but wanted to double check..But now is it 6 months or 1 year :o}
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    Whats the difference?

    Whats the difference between a pullet and a hen and a Cockerel and a rooster?
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    RIR Chicks

    Why do feed stores carry so many of this breed? They are great birds I have 2 and they are sweet hearts and the best of buds but Im looking for other breeds now and cant find any in the feed stores.
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    Free Silkie Roosters!

    Quote: How close are you to Rocklin? I have a white silkie that needs a new home. He's very sweet but we are not allowed to have roosters.
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    Chickens digging around water bowl

    Why are my chickens digging in the sand around their water? They end up digging so much the water falls over and drains.
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    silkie Rooster ( No longer available)

    I am not aloud to have roosters in my area. He is super sweet and so far extremely friendly even let's kids hold him. We are really sad to see him go but we just can't keep him. Please local delivery only no shipping.
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    Can you tell?

    Quote: Im thinking the red with the black tail feathers and the silkie with the sweeping crest.
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    Can you tell?

    Now that my Chicks are now almost 4 months old, Can anyone tell me if any of them are roo's? I suspect 2 of them are.
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