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    Persistent pasting

    You're welcome! As for the chicks eating the adult feed, that may be whats causing this like you said! The other poster is right that broody raised chicks normally don't get pasty butt. When I've raised chicks with broody hens I always put them all on chick feed. I don't think its the best...
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    Polish Tolbunt gender help

    I would be willing to bet the last picture is a rooster. Could we see a picture of his saddle/tail feathers and legs? No idea about the first two! Lol.
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    Your Input Please!

    I second the Brahmas…never owned one I regretted! If I were to get back into breeding I would go into Buckeyes again.
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    What is wrong with my duck?

    You need to give more information for us to be able to help :) Lots of times making sure her poop is healthy, and monitoring on her water and feed intake can give you insight into what may be her problem. Also a quick google search on duckie diseases can result in a range of possible symptoms...
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    Persistent pasting

    I am so sorry. When my chicks get pasty butt I put ACV (apple cider vinegar) in their water and it helps their little digestive system get going and pasty butt disappears! I wouldn't sweat this too much because many chicks get pasty butt. I would also recommend keeping them with their mom and...
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    Thanks hun!

    Thanks hun!
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    Aww, thank you so much! I am thinking about going over it and finishing it.

    Aww, thank you so much! I am thinking about going over it and finishing it.
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    The Most and/or Least Dangerous Birds

    Well they'll all peck your eye balls out prolly least dangerous is a polish cuz they can't see!
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    The Most and/or Least Dangerous Birds

    GEESE are most dangerous!!!!! lol
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    Helloooooooo Out There!

    So glad you joined us! Welcome to BYC!!
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    Is this an Easter Egger?

    Looks like an EE to me! It's true most feed stores get their birds from hatcheries. Most large hatcheries do not have show quality lines whatsoever, and their Ameraucana's are not correct to the breeds standard. They still contain the blue egg gene however, and are donned Easter eggers. I...
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    Introducing a feral chicken

    She probably has mites/lice. I would give her a once over, check her vent, feel for pin bones, watch her behavior and look at her poop to see if it's healthy. I would probably put her within squawking distance of the other hens for a few weeks, but not close enough for any kind of physical...
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    can my chicks eat carpenter ants

    I'm pretty sure chickens can eat ants..
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