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  1. katecox

    Integrating free range urban chickens and cages ranch chickens

    We have just relocated and for the next nine months are living in a rented house that does not allow chickens. We have 3 (18 month old) hens, a buff orpington, rir and a golden wyndotte. They have been raised completely free range by my 5 yo daughter who carries them around every single day. Thy...
  2. katecox

    Our Buff won't leave her nest.

    We have 6 girls, and they are all approx. 10 months of age. Up until now they have gotten along swimmingly. We left for two weeks at Christmas, our neighbor watched the girls and when we got back commented that our Buff O seemed broody and wouldn't leave her nest. The last three days have...
  3. katecox

    Can someone identify this scat pile?

    Looks like a nightly visitor has been stalking the coop. Can you identify the scat pile for me?
  4. katecox

    Crookneck, Marek's or Botulism -- please advise!

    About a week ago, I noticed my 12 week old Silkie was falling down while walking, at the time, I thought she was just tripping on her feet feathers. Then on Friday, she was falling down much more frequently and struggling to get up. In the last two days her legs have now splayed and she can't...
  5. katecox

    Will the chickens ever be big enough?

    I have lost two 3-month old chickens in the last week. I am pretty certain it has been an air attack by a bird of prey. Will my girls ever be big enough to free range without worrying about if they will be picked up and flown off, or will they have to live forever in a tractor? This is such a...
  6. katecox

    Would appreciate your thoughts on predator.

    Three days ago my 12 week old barred rock vanished in thin air. I saw her at 2:00 pm in the side yard, then when I went out at 7:30 pm she was missing. Not a feather, no trace, we searched our entire fenced property and saw nothing. We are surrounded by tall fir trees and the front acre is...
  7. katecox

    Polish getting Pecked on...

    Our chicks are now about 5 weeks along, the Polish are getting their heads pecked by others to the point of bleeding. Are they too confined for their age? I have them in a 2'x5' feeding trough and there are 11 of them. How to I tend to her head and how do I keep the others off her head?
  8. katecox

    2 week old chick -- lots of head twitching

    I need help. Our robust Ke'a (Rhode Island Red) has started shaking/twitching her head a lot today. She is also not as active as she typically has been. I am worried. We lost another chick a week ago to either Wry Neck/Crazy Chick or Marek's. I am just on edge... Thank you.
  9. katecox

    Baby chick dies from nerve disorder, please help identify sickness

    Purchased our first little flock less than a week ago, all chicks probably in the 7 -10 day age range. All looked healthy and happy for 5 days then on the 5th day in the a.m. our Buff O chick started chirping incessantly. In less then an hour her neck was distorted (craning to the left and...